Meet Lulu Tout: Figleaves’ new own brand reviewed

Lulu Tout at Figleaves I’m a well documented fan of Figleaves – largely because their international shipping service is quick and easy, and way more affordable than shopping locally (€70 for an out-of-season Freya? No thank you, Amsterdam boutiques). I also have a soft spot for their own brand lines. Although I’ve had a decidedly uneven range of experiences with Figleaves Boudoir (here, here and here), Just Peachy is a cracking everyday option for a girl on a budget (here and here and here too), and both their own name range and Midnight Grace have been responsible for some affordable and fashionable swimwear options over the last couple of years too (here and here). So I was pretty excited to hear that Figleaves are launching another sub-brand, this time branding out to an H cup. Lulu Tout is an affordable, sophisticated range of styles that are every-day enough to be, well, everyday – but pretty enough to wear on special occasions. I love the range of colours and the dainty embroidery that threads through the range, and actually had a hard time narrowing down my choice of bra to review. (Somehow, I coped…) Settling on Amelie (low plunge, beautiful scalloping, sheer fabric: winner), I couldn’t wait to try her. And I wasn’t disappointed. Fit wise she’s firm, and the underwire tracks nicely. In my go-to size of 30G the fit was pretty bang on, although I had to tighten the straps to flatten the cups. Inbetweeny cup sizes may want to consider sizing down a half cup to find the perfect fit. Amelie Lulu Tout by Figleaves Both top and bottom are very flattering, and I loved the sheer knickers with the “bead embroidery” – there’s something very flapper-esque about the detail. On, it looks like a much more expensive piece of lingerie than its modest £24 price tag. That said, the bra itself is actually quite simply constructed. The slings aren’t stitched down – which is a bit fiddly when you’re getting yourself in to it but means it avoids that “suspension bridge” appearance some sheer bras have. In general it gives good support and a nice shape, and for the money I think is a great purchase. It would seem that Figleaves have done it again, and created another great affordable option for girls looking for something a little special on a budget. My only niggle would be that the feel of the fabric itself betrays its price point – it feels cheaper than it looks, and a slightly softer fabric mix would make this bra a knock out. But for the price and the fit, I don’t think it’s a bad little bargain at all. Thanks to Figleaves for sharing Amelie with me. Looking forward to seeing where the range goes next. Lulu Tout’s Amelie underwired bra is available in sizes between 30-38 DD-H.

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4 Responses to Meet Lulu Tout: Figleaves’ new own brand reviewed

  1. P says:

    Great review – really useful. I’m disappointed, though, on rushing over to Figleaves’ website, to find that the Lulu Tout Amelie bra only goes up to a 38G not a 38H. Sad as I’d love something that pretty.

  2. This is actually happening!!? I love Figleaves the new brach out looks awesome. Gah I want it all! So so pretty. Anywho haha great review – thankin you always Beckie!

    Millie xxx

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