Midnight Grace Swimwear: come on sunshine…

Always happy to be distracted from packing up B4J HQ for the move, a Figleaves e-mailer was as good an excuse as any to have a cup of tea and a browse through their swimwear.

Am I the only person to have missed Midnight Grace?  I’ve never seen it before, but Figleaves’ own range of swimwear looks great – fun and colourful and up to a G cup in a good range of styles.  I especially love the Cherie Floral (above left), and their bright selection of spots and stripes and squares is perfect for a sunny seaside getaway.

Sensible hat on, it is only March and a girl moving to Amsterdam should be investing in snoods rather than swimwear.  But Cherie is so pretty… if I promise to jump in to a canal as soon as I get there, can I justify it?

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3 Responses to Midnight Grace Swimwear: come on sunshine…

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