How to…

Wonder Woman

Quick survival guides to help you with everything you need boob wise… If I’m missing something you’d like, drop me a line on and I’ll get right on it. More coming soon!

How to check your boobs for signs of breast cancer…

How to care for your swimwear…

How to tackle boob discomfort at bedtime…

Where to shop online for EU delivery…

2 Responses to How to…

  1. Vlad Vagner says:


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  2. sfennon90 says:

    Glad i stumbled across this site. I’m a DD so I may not encounter as many problems as others. Howver after going to primark on my dinner with the aim of finding a ccomfortable low budget bra I noticed that if you want DD or more you gonna have to pay more. There bras start from £2.50 for AA-D but going up to a size costs you double!

    I know it’s only £2.50 but it’s a joke!

    Not a happy bunny and love what your doing x

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