The new Fauve? Fantasie’s Melissa Reviewed


So as promised, hot on the heels of the announcement that Fauve fans could now only find their fix of beautiful luxe lingerie from sister brands Fantasie and Wacoal, I have my first Fantasie set of 2015 in my paws. How does Melissa compare next to the satiny comfort of its soon to be departed sister?

Welllll… On the model, Melissa is a perfect example of classic, elegant, grown up lingerie. So far, so very Fauve. Subtle sheer fabric, ornate lacing, tasteful non-VPL-inducing knickers. It’s no Bronte, sure (what set ever will be?) but it’s beautiful and simple and right up my alley.

Fit wise she’s great too. My normal 30G worked just fine, and she gave a lovely cleavage – subtle, not pushed up or too east-west. Technically, I should be excited.

Except, however lovely she looks and fits, Melissa feels… cheap. And she’s not. At £41/$75 she’s at the upper end of the high-street lingerie scale, but the meshing felt rough – not at all what I would expect from the heir to Fauve’s throne. I can forgive that on actual economy lingerie – such as Figleaves’ own brands – but for that price point I want something soft and special.

To be fair, Fauve just vanished so perhaps this is isn’t quite a fair fight. But I know I and others will be watching Fantasie with interest over the coming months. Can it live up to the legacy of her older sister?

Fantasie’s Melissa is available in sizes 30-32 D-GG, 34-38 C-GG, and 40 D-G.


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1 Response to The new Fauve? Fantasie’s Melissa Reviewed

  1. Lisa D says:

    Looks stunning, a real shame if the quality is as you say, for that price… at least it comes in my size 😉

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