Whatever happened to Busts 4 Justice?

Chances are, if you’ve landed on this page you’re clicking through from an old link about this weird social media activism from half a lifetime ago. In which case, being greeted by a seven year old rant about Victoria’s Secret (although still awful) and the Potato Jesus (still funny), may not make total sense.

We can’t bring ourselves to archive the whole damn thing, so ICYMI…

Busts 4 Justice was founded on Facebook in 2008, in protest against Marks & Spencer (suddenly) charging us more for DD+ bras than for our smaller cupped friends.

After kicking up a year long international media furore, assembling over 18,000 group members, and eventually becoming a shareholder in a bid to get the board to finally listen, the group eventually won their fight. In 2009, M&S backtracked and adopted a one-price-fits-all policy – as well as ordering an overhaul of its woefully inconsistent fitting service. It was one of the first successful consumer campaigns run on social media.

In the years that followed, B4J kept on campaigning for better standards for women in the lingerie industry, and blogging about everything from feminism to frilly knickers. This website serves as an archive of that time.

We’ve since hung up our campaigning hats to pursue other passions, but that weird year in 2008-2009 will always be a proud memory. Thanks to all who came along for the ride.

Love, B4J x

Press, student or other enquiries to busts4justice@gmail.com

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Victoria’s Secret’s war on bums esclalates


Does my bum look big in this? Actually, I’m writing this in a pair of “relaxed tailored” sweatpants so don’t answer that. I mean rather, that Victoria’s Secret have been at it again: wielding their retouching software with all the subtlety of a drunk and distracted Cecilia Giménez.

These knickers are called “The Cheeky’ – so cheeky in fact, that there wasn’t room in the photo for all of them. This mono-cheeked photo appeared (and indeed, still appears) on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page a few weeks ago. It has been bugging me ever since.

This isn’t even the first time they have erased the very body part their product is designed to serve from their marketing. I’ve written about this before: not content with erasing any nuance of shape, age, race or culture from their bland and two dimensional version of sexuality, they appear steadfastly committed to erasing actual body parts too.

I’m not sure what Victoria’s Secret’s end game is with this war against women’s three dimensional existence, but one thing is clear: women deserve better than businesses who treat women’s bodies like a Potato Jesus. Spend your money with companies who feel comfortable with buttocked bodies.


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Victoria’s Secret’s war of propaganda against the female body has


Via Jezebel. Photo from Victoria’s Secret’s apparently self-parodying Facebook page.

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Bravissimo to host transgender fitting event

Bravissimo Inspiration

Tomorrow evening, lingerie pioneers Bravissimo will host their first event for transgender and non-binary people.

The brand, who’s philosophy has always been that “women should have a really uplifting and confidence boosting experience whenever and wherever they shop with us”, are seeking to open up that promise to more people; starting with the creation of a welcoming, safe space for transgender or non-binary people to get fitted.

Head to 28 Margaret Street, London at 7.30pm for your fitting tomorrow (15th June).

More inclusive steps like this please, universe.


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Coco de Mer x Rankin (like, very NSFW)

“They say people think about sex every six seconds. We can help you think about sex more”

Super-luxe adult retailer Coco de Mer made ripples last week with this extremely provocative and (goes without saying) NSFW film by Rankin.

I’ve watched it three times now and I’m still not sure 100% what I think of it. It’s beautiful and hypnotic: part-dream part-nightmare. The images veer from sex cliche to murderously dark, from silly to deadly serious, from stridently empowered to jarringly subjugated. It’s a hot mess of contradictions and not all comfortable viewing. But actually, I guess that’s the whole point. Your fantasy should be whatever you want it to be. For a business dedicated to helping you explore and express your own sexuality, that seems perfect. Curious to hear what you think…

Take a closer look at Coco de Mer here.


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Wacoal Eveden preview AW15

Fantasie Swimwear SW15

There are many perks to being back in the UK. Friends, family and this great new trend for small batch gin for starters. But also, actually being in the right country for press-previews: sneaky peaks in to the upcoming lingerie and swimwear seasons is pretty high on the list.

Wacoal Eveden – home to Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Huit, B.tempt’d and Wacoal and Goddess – were kind enough to throw me a welcome home party invite me to their preview in London earlier this month. So in the interests of paying the joy forward, here are a few glimpses for you to whet your whistle until the next season. Please keep in mind I haven’t really so much as looked at a physical rail of bras in over a year. It was dark. I was excited. These are not the finest photographs committed to iPhone. They do show, however, a solid new season – with quite a wide mix of styles and colours to play with. Oh, and one mind-blowing innovation….

Let’s start at the start.. Freya busting out a couple of cheeky classics with Starlet and Minx.

Freya Lingerie Starlet

Freya Lingerie Minx

Fantasie have definitely upped their game with softer fabrics and wider variety of shapes. Plus there’s a fantastic Fauve-esque long-line option coming (not shown):


Elomi rocking some cracking floral pants. Look at these beauts!

Elomi Lingerie

Enough tropical swimwear to populate six Wham videos:

Freya Venice Beach bikini bottoms

Wacoal gave me serious small boob envy:


So did Huit:

Huit Lingerie

Oh, that mind-blowing innovation? Just a Freya Deco swim coming late this summer. No biggie. *hyperventilates*

Here’s to the autumn…

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