Wacoal Eveden preview AW15

Fantasie Swimwear SW15

There are many perks to being back in the UK. Friends, family and this great new trend for small batch gin for starters. But also, actually being in the right country for press-previews: sneaky peaks in to the upcoming lingerie and swimwear seasons is pretty high on the list.

Wacoal Eveden – home to Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Huit, B.tempt’d and Wacoal and Goddess – were kind enough to throw me a welcome home party invite me to their preview in London earlier this month. So in the interests of paying the joy forward, here are a few glimpses for you to whet your whistle until the next season. Please keep in mind I haven’t really so much as looked at a physical rail of bras in over a year. It was dark. I was excited. These are not the finest photographs committed to iPhone. They do show, however, a solid new season – with quite a wide mix of styles and colours to play with. Oh, and one mind-blowing innovation….

Let’s start at the start.. Freya busting out a couple of cheeky classics with Starlet and Minx.

Freya Lingerie Starlet

Freya Lingerie Minx

Fantasie have definitely upped their game with softer fabrics and wider variety of shapes. Plus there’s a fantastic Fauve-esque long-line option coming (not shown):


Elomi rocking some cracking floral pants. Look at these beauts!

Elomi Lingerie

Enough tropical swimwear to populate six Wham videos:

Freya Venice Beach bikini bottoms

Wacoal gave me serious small boob envy:


So did Huit:

Huit Lingerie

Oh, that mind-blowing innovation? Just a Freya Deco swim coming late this summer. No biggie. *hyperventilates*

Here’s to the autumn…

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