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Do you need the bionic bra?

A team in Australia have been busy creating a tech solution to an extremely common problem: having boobs while exercising. In the future, instead of risking pain and long term damage to breast tissue, your “Bionic Bra” would use smart technological … Continue reading

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HMB4J: my new bra size is killing me!

What happens when a bra fitting experience turns in to a daily nightmare? Help Me Busts 4 Justice I was recently fitted in a specialty store from my old size of 36B into a 32D. I was informed that I … Continue reading

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Don’t sweat it: the truth about “boob deodorant”

And the first odd beauty story of 2014 is… boob deodorant. Now, I’m no fan of ‘invented beauty issues’, and all of the media I’ve read around the subject focusses on this being another symptom of a culture that spends … Continue reading

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Help Me Busts 4 Justice: my boobs are uncomfortable!

Reader P sent her struggle with sister sizes to Help Me Busts 4 Justice. Let’s help her navigate her way to a more comfortable fit… Help Me Busts 4 Justice! I just found out my actual size is 28D (I’d … Continue reading

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As easy as A, B, C (and D, and the rest…): Bravissimo’s Boob School

This post is hugely overdue thanks to my recent adventures in amazing Texas (howdy y’all), but two weeks late this not-so-new news is still worth shouting about. It’s no secret I love Bravissimo. Non-UK readers: whenever you ask for the … Continue reading

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