Deja vu: Tease by Figleaves Boudoir seems familiar…

Figleaves Boudoir Tease

Weird. In a recent review of Curvy Kate’s Roxie I said I didn’t miss their Showgirl range. But it would seem however that Figleaves did – because while Tease Me is gone, Tease is back – reanimated by Figleaves Boudoir for 2014.

To be fair to Figleaves it’s not a carbon copy and I suspect (hope) the name is just a coincidence. But the jewel tones, fussy lace overlay, and odd frills that refuse to rest happily under clothes mean that Tease has me flashing back to everything I didn’t like about the hugely popular range by Curvy Kate. Those mourning Showgirl’s disappearance, take note…

It’s worth saying that this bra gets stellar reviews on Figleaves’ website, from girls who are also a 30G. But I really did not get on with this it. Like other reviewers, I found the back too tight, but this effect was exacerbated by the super skinny two-hook fastening which – dropping from quite a tall side cup – forced the back band in to quite a sharp angle and to dig in. It’s also small in the front, which comes with the dual bonus of thrusting one’s cleavage chinwards and over-emphasising the only partially attached lace underneath clothes. I suppose if I liked the bra more I might try a 32G, but the plain truth is this bra does nothing for me. It’s much prettier and delicate on this model (and presumably, in a smaller size) in the flesh. On, I just felt like I was in raggedy showgirl fancy dress. And for a bra that retails at nearly £50, that’s not good enough for me.

Figleaves Boudoir’s Tease is available in sizes 30B-36G. I have to say: Curvy Kate did it better.

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