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Help Me Busts 4 Justice : I can’t afford my new bra size

Finding the perfect bra size can be life changing, but what happens if you can’t afford your new bra size? Help me Busts 4 Justice! Hello, I found this blog while searching for bra sizing charts. The whole ordeal is … Continue reading

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How To Start Running

There are two camps when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. To the first – like Megan Stelling over at the ever-fabulous Rookie – they are “literally the worst thing ever” and designed to make us all feel like inadequate … Continue reading

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Help Me Busts 4 Justice: my boobs are uncomfortable!

Reader P sent her struggle with sister sizes to Help Me Busts 4 Justice. Let’s help her navigate her way to a more comfortable fit… Help Me Busts 4 Justice! I just found out my actual size is 28D (I’d … Continue reading

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How to be Santa: getting gift lingerie right

It’s Christmas (get out! For real?) and if you’re anything like me your work and social life is festively escalating to the diary equivalent of the climax in Die Hard. Christmas shopping? Er, can I just wrap the thought? Lingerie … Continue reading

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The Third Way: How Brands Can Advise on Bra Size

I am certain that bad fitting advice issued by irresponsible bra brands is responsible for every single ill fitting bra and every minute of bra-wearing misery known to women. Which is why from Playtex to Gossard to (now) Curvy Kate … Continue reading

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