About Busts 4 Justice

Busts 4 Justice was founded on Facebook in 2008, in protest against Marks & Spencer (suddenly) charging us more for DD+ bras than for our smaller cupped sisters,

After kicking up a year long international media furore, assembling over 18,000 group members, and eventually becoming a shareholder in a bid to get the board to finally listen, the group eventually won their fight. In 2009, M&S backtracked and adopted a one-price-fits-all policy – as well as ordering an overhaul of its woefully inconsistent fitting service. It was one of the first successful consumer campaigns run on social media.

In the years that followed, B4J kept on campaigning for better standards for women in the lingerie industry, and blogging about everything from feminism to frilly knickers. This website serves as an archive of that time.

We’ve since hung up our campaigning hats to pursue other passions, but that weird year in 2008-2009 will always be a proud memory. Thanks to all who came along for the ride.

Love, B4J x

Press, student or other enquiries to busts4justice@gmail.com