Most inspiring Kickstarter ever: the Monokini


A couple of days late to this, but I can’t quite articulate how wonderful, inspiring and cockle-warming this Monokini Kickstarter story is.

Bold, fun, and designed exclusively for women after a mastectomy; Monokini stands up to “narrow minded ideas of beauty” that excludes one-breasted cancer survivors, challenges people’s discomfort at post-mastectomy bodies, and creates a wonderful alternative to uncomfortable prosthetic swimwear on the beach for those who want it.

It exists as a haute couture version, but the Monokini team have a vision to bring their creations to market. For this, they need a mere $55,000 pledge – for which they have asked the Kickstarter community.

I love this story, I love the spirit, I love their message, and FYI I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and white number in the above centre. I reckon these girls deserve a just few of our dollars to realise their awesome dream.

Go forth and back!

Photo by Monokini.

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