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Scarlet fever: Tutti Rouge’s debut Lilliana reviewed

From the sneak peeks at Moda, to the tantalising Instagram snaps of gorgeous colours and fun frills, to the very first reviews in my RSS feed, it feels like I’ve been waiting to be Tutti Rouge for ever (and ever, … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail: my quest for wedding lingerie

So readers may know that I recently got engaged, and because I didn’t want to be talked in to the traditional wedding dress I’ve never wanted I didn’t wait long to make a cup of tea, fire up Net-a-Porter, and order … Continue reading

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To sag or not to sag? That is(n’t) the question…

First things first: I think everyone should read Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre. A healthy skepticism about ‘scientific’ studies is good for you, and would make the world a much more rational place. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Bravissimo’s Alana Reviewed

So regular readers will know I recently raved about Bravissimo’s continued dedication to good fitting advice, and fellow bloggers may have seen my (very sincerely meant) quote on the Boob School press release. It wasn’t necessary, but Bravissimo’s team sent … Continue reading

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I said yes!

I had no idea I would ever be writing about weddings two posts in a row, but last weekend on the back of  a boat on the Thames and to my total surprise Mr B4J asked me to marry him. … Continue reading

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