Peachy keen:’s own brand reviewed

Cornflower Just Peachy

Between Midnight Grace and Just Peachy, have quietly been doing a nice little line of cute, budget friendly swimwear and lingerie. This non-padded balconnette comes in 10 colours (I love the grey too!), and reminds me of a budget Freya Jolie – if Jolie was still the everyday basic multi-coloured wonder she used to be.

The band is nice and firm, and like Jolie she gives a classic uplifted but everyday shape. She’s comfortable (I love the soft frill under the wire) and the cornflower blue colour in particular is gorgeous. In terms of sizing she’s much improved from the Daisy I reviewed last year, and my ‘go to’ size of 30G was fairly spot on (which is even more important when internet shopping, let’s face it…) however petite girls (I’m 5’4″) may find the wires come up higher than other brands at the side. As great as this bra is, I think I’d find it chaffing under the arms after a long day.

Just Peachy’s non-padded balconnette is not for me, but this is a great buy for a slightly taller girl on a budget. Available in sizes 30-38 DD-G, only from Figleaves.


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6 Responses to Peachy keen:’s own brand reviewed

  1. Have you ever tried any of Figleaves brand swimwear? I would love to know how they fit and I’ve never seen a review. I’ve also forgotten if they do GG+ styles… I haven’t ordered from them in years but remember the service was great.

  2. Amber says:

    I’ve yet to try the Figleaves brand of bras, but was so curious about the fit, so this was really helpful! Now I’m even more excited to try this line.

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