Figloving: Fortune bikini reviewed

Figleaves Swim Review Fortune Underwired Halter BikiniI’ve been championing’s gorgeous Midnight Grace range for a while now, and when I saw this emerald Fortune beauty I had to try it for myself (it actually isn’t part of the Midnight Grace range, but the halter silhouette is very similar). It is spring, after all…

First things first: I’m no swimwear model, but this bikini looked miles better on me than it does on this regulation hottie pictured above. I’ve brought this up before, but sometimes the bad fit often on shown on makes it impossible to guess what something might look at on, for better or for worse. Whereas above the chest looks oddly smoothed (*ahem* airbrushing? *ahem*), it actually gives a full and uplifted cleavage. And the touch of the ‘ouch zone’ there is about her underarm above also doesn’t seem to happen in the flesh. Well fitted, the Fortune has a twist of 50s retro and is truly stunning. In fact, I felt rather like Jasmine from Aladdin in it. Although without the tame tiger companion and awesome turquoise pants.

I tried a 30G and it fitted me almost perfectly; though were I fitting a bra I’d be concerned that the center gore (which comes up balconette high) tips forward slightly, which may shift and irritate if you were planning on wearing it as a bra or on a very active day. (I think this is because the halter straps are so far apart with a very skinny back band – the back band would definitely need widening to support a G+ cup). But for an average beach/pool holiday, it does everything you need it to and more – because it really does flatter curves and make you feel like a (spunky runaway animated Arabian) princess. A real gem.

The Fortune is a available in sizes from 30B – 36G, and pretty good value at £26 bikini and £18 bottom. Now, if they could only find away of expanding those size ranges…

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5 Responses to Figloving: Fortune bikini reviewed

  1. Looking at this swimsuit ad I would just pass on it. It doesn’t really look great on the model.

    • I know! I only ordered it on the off chance because I knew how nice the Midnight Grace tops were, and with the awareness that so often Figleaves don’t show stuff to its best advantage. It’s a lovely bikini and Figleaves are totally selling it short!

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