Boobs on a budget: Just Peachy’s Zara reviewed

Just Peachy Zara Bra

It’s not easy having big boobs on a tight budget – with decent E+ bras often retailing at the same price as a single broke girl’s weekly food budget investing in them can be extremely daunting.

While (unpopular sentiment alert) I don’t believe that decent large cup lingerie can be made dirt cheap well or ethically – you won’t catch me in Primark these days, let alone lobby them for bigger bras – I do believe that broke girls can and should get the support they need at a price they can afford.

FigleavesJust Peachy range is definitely catering for the younger, student tastes and budget – with styles retailing for about £20 (and often in the sale/made cheaper by Figleaves’ frequent 20% off offers). I’ve tried a couple of them before – their non-padded balconette is great and while Daisy ran a little small in the cup it was a solid bra for the price.

Zara, in Zebra, is similar again – snug in the back and good in the cup (although still fractionally on the small size – you couldn’t wear her on ‘fuller’ days). She gives a nice, natural shape – not too trussed up – and the zebra print is subtle and classic, with a gentle scalloped lacing on the cup that makes it a little bit more special for an every day bra. She’s also surprisingly soft – often cheaper bras can be tellingly scratchy, but Zara is comfortable. Another cracking bra from Figleave’s own range, available in sizes 30DD-38G.

Remember – whatever your budget, if properly care for your bra your investment will go further. Hand wash, air dry – and never so much as show it to a laundry appliance. You’ll save a fortune in the long term.

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