The Holy Grail: my quest for wedding lingerie

Net a Porter

So readers may know that I recently got engaged, and because I didn’t want to be talked in to the traditional wedding dress I’ve never wanted I didn’t wait long to make a cup of tea, fire up Net-a-Porter, and order something special from the Amazing Dresses I Could Never Usually Look Directly At Let Alone Afford category. It’s here, hidden away, waiting for the big day. I love it.

I’m keeping the dress under wraps for now of course, but suffice to say for now that it is not bridal, it is not white, and I do not have a clue how to dress G-Unit underneath it. As if bridal lingerie shopping wasn’t a minefield to start with, I’ve chosen a narrow but extremely low plunging neckline for my dress. I almost never show off cleavage so it’s going to take some daring, and to boot I’ve basically rules out every G+ bra shape known to man in doing so.

Trying it on with a variety of bras from my arsenal I can deduce that:

Freya Deco (28GG) is the perfect shape – but for this I think will be to overtly boob-tastic for me to be comfortable in that neckline.

Freya Deco Black

Panache Tango plunge (30G) gives the perfect cleavage – with a low and separated look that balances the appropriateness of the low neckline – but makes me look flattened under the dress.

Panache Tango plunge

My old Wonderbra (no longer made, but a lot like this unpadded style – 30G) does a great job of being invisible and creating a less extreme cleavage – but I can only wear it for short periods of time before the wires grind in to my ribs and I want to take it off. (Why do I still own this!?)

Wonderbra Unpadded D-G

So the brief: basically, I need a Freya Deco on valium, or a Panache Tango Plunge on tequila. I need a deep plunge but a modest cleavage, a modest cleavage but not a flattened cleavage. I need comfort. Lacy and beautiful would be a bonus – especially if she paired with a fantastic pair of undercrackers – but perhaps I’ll settle for ‘not visible in photographs’ and ‘100% nipple secure when dancing’.

It’s a toughie… Any suggestions?



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25 Responses to The Holy Grail: my quest for wedding lingerie

  1. Windie says:

    What about the Panache Andorra Plunge? I think that gives a pretty subtle cleavage.

  2. I had lots of troubles looking for my bridal lingery, here is very difficult to find bras bigger than D cup, and the few shops where I usually buy them didn’t have any nice bridal collection, so I ended up buying them online:

  3. Linda says:

    One of the bravissimo unpadded plunge bras?

  4. How about the Freya Lacey? There is also the Loretta Plunge which is based on the old Retro shape which used to give a nice shape without the Deco cleavage (I think it only goes to a FF in the 28 but GG in the 30+) Or the Bravissimo Satine?

  5. Anna says:

    I vote for an Ewa Michalak PL bra for three reasons: it’s a plunge that gives a high and separated cleavage, the breast shape is really upfront and forward, and the bra itself is super comfortable. Good luck with your search!

  6. slmcc says:

    The Satine from Bravissimo – perfect plunge! Go towards a tighter back and bigger cup if on the cusp either way. From GG the bra gets bigger though, be warned, thicker straps, triple clip at the back, cups seem to come higher towards shoulder, overkill for a 28 back so I prefer the G though am somewhere in between. Oh, and congrats!

  7. Vee says:

    If i want tasteful cleavage I turn to Chantelle (back when I fitted the range). I think their plunges are just the thing, check it out here

    If you like padded, then bravissimo satine although it is very shallow at the bottom.

  8. nennyv says:

    The Bravissimo unpadded plunge shape (poppy, starburst, moonlight in Paris, and a new bright pink one they just brought out) might be a good option, very low gore, upfront round shape, with a respectable cleavage. Or my fave basic plunge bra, panache porcelain (I like it 10x better than Deco :o… )

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  12. Jacquelyn thompson says:

    Have you tried Neve from Panache’s Cleo line? Fits a lot like If deco and tango had a baby 😉

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