Scarlet fever: Tutti Rouge’s debut Lilliana reviewed

Tutti Rouge Lilliana From the sneak peeks at Moda, to the tantalising Instagram snaps of gorgeous colours and fun frills, to the very first reviews in my RSS feed, it feels like I’ve been waiting to be Tutti Rouge for ever (and ever, and ever).

Until now. Now available at Bravissimo (who generously sent me my first taste of the Rouge), Tutti Rouge’s Lilliana landed on my desk this week and brought spring to my lingerie collection.

It’s pink – very pink – but a brilliant, bright bubblegum that I love and have sorely missed since the death of my favourite Freya Jolie. There’s nothing like a shocking pink bra to work as armour against a cloudy day. With simple ribbon and bow details, Lilliana is fun but not fussy – for me the perfect level of frill for every day.

The band of my (go to starter size) 30G was firm, with two back hooks and the skinniest straps I’ve ever had on a G cup bra – makes a change from the standard issue F+ strap width and perfect for vest tops (unless you live in North Holland like me, and vest tops are a distant memory of summer holidays long past…).

Fit wise, Lilliana was pretty great. At first glance the cleavage she gives is deceptively basic, because with a deep plunge in the lower cup on closer inspection (shirt off) she’s pretty spectacular. The sizing was perfect but my cups were definitely at capacity – on a ‘bigger’ day I’d be veering in to quadraboob territory. But who cares about those days – an infectiously vibrant treat of a bra deserves a holiday one in a while…

Inexpensive, fun, and kicking off with a bold and wide range of sizes Tutti Rouge has definitely won a new fan in B4J. Can’t wait for Betty (and the rest!) to roll out later this year.

Lilliana by Tutti Rouge is available in sizes 28-38 DD-J.

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12 Responses to Scarlet fever: Tutti Rouge’s debut Lilliana reviewed

  1. Yui says:

    Hi, thanks for the review! 🙂 Would you say this bra runs “true to size”, meaning it fits your measures bra size?

  2. I’ve been hearing that the band and cups can run a little small on this style and that the pink is a little brighter. Personally, I think the silhouette looks so cute and fun!

  3. Roya says:

    Are there any shops here in the US selling Tutti Rouge’s Lingerie?

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  5. Tracy says:

    Hi, I tried on this bra in store today and just wanted to add that the fabric feels amazing! Really soft lace on the overlay. I didn’t end up buying it but think I might order a couple of adjacent sizes to try and find as perfect a fit as possible. It kind of hugged my breasts upwards and very close to my body, seemed comfortable in the fitting room but just wasn’t sure about longer periods of wear. Really pretty though!

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