Smooth operator: Freya’s multiway Shape Deco reviewed

Freya Deco Shape Multiway

I’m obviously a massive Deco fan already (here, here and here… if you’re counting), so I when my personal bra heros at Bravissimo offered to send me a new Deco Shape multiway bra to review I jumped (well, squeeeeed) at the chance.

The Shape collection is an evolution of the standard Deco range – taking the smooth, seamless simplicity of the original and expanding it to include more shapes and control underwear. And like the standard Deco, the Deco multiway is another impossible feat of engineering from the Freya team. With her extremely deep plunge she gives an uplifted cleavage, but subtler and wider than the va-va-voom of the original. Which means that – without trying – I’ve actually stumbled across a very real contender for under my wedding dress. Dun dun duuuun.

The multiway isn’t meant to be worn as a strapless but I wanted to check out the security and support so wore it that way anyway. I have been running up and down stairs, unloading the washing machine and generally getting on with my evening for hours and – unbelievably – nothing has moved. Not a nipple. The support is phenomenal in this thing. In fact, the only thing you really need the detachable, versatile straps for is to stop the top peak of the cups snagging on your armpits as you defy gravity. If the cups were a different shape, this would be a kick ass strapless too.

I usually wear a 28GG in Deco, but actually the 30G in the shape multiway was a good fit. I suspect a 28GG would have been a little too tight – so you may want to consider ordering up a back size (and down a cup size to match) of your usual Deco size.

For the bottoms, I’ve never worn control pants in my life before but I liked these – the pretty floral panel was enough to make them pretty but not overtly twee. Plus – and I’m sure Spanx veterans will know this already – they felt amazing. I actually tried them on over tights at first and – I won’t lie – had about five minutes of fun running around the house like a superhero. I’m not going to pretend I’m a control pant connoisseur – all I can vouch for is that I like them and they didn’t make me want to pass out or give me weird sausages for legs. They also stopped Mr B4J – lover of big floral pants (and girls pretending to be Superman) – dead in his tracks. Not a bad sign if this wins out in the wedding wars…

Massive love to Bravissimo for letting me try this absolute beaut of a bra. Freya’s Shape Deco multiway bra is available in sizes 28DD-G, 30-36 D-GG, 38D-G.

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4 Responses to Smooth operator: Freya’s multiway Shape Deco reviewed

  1. Amy S says:

    I’ve never had any luck with the Deco bra (or any of its other incarnations), in my correct size it always gapes, I’ve tried other sizes but the same problem. Almost all who buy a Deco seem to rave about it but I suppose I will never agree.

    • The standard tends to gape in my normal Freya size too – I always size down one in the back and up on in the cup and that seems to resolve the issue – I suppose it’s such a rigid shape that even though the volume is the same on both sizes the shape is too far off in the 30G? It’s a cracking bra though if you can figure out the sizing.

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