Oo Betty: Tutti Rouge’s all-frills style reviewed


A mega Bravissimo order on potential bras for my wedding was the perfect opportunity to audition honeymoon lingerie while I was at it…. And as Tutti Rouge’s Betty – with its floral and frilly chintz – is exactly what the soon to be officially Mr B4J loves in a pair of undercrackers (much to my horror, I have to say…) – I had to give it a try for him.

This is the second bra I’ve tried from the very new lingerie brand (I loved their debut Lilliana – find my review of her here) – and once again the fit is pretty strong. The back is firm, the cups ran true to size at a 30G, and she gives a fantastically uplifted cleavage.

As with Lilliana, the straps are refreshingly skinny although a little too wide set for my frame – and with a relatively wide set center she’ll appeal to Curvy Kate fans concerned that old classics with the same shape are evolving to be closer set in the middle. As a piece of engineering, she’s a great.

But. The frills. It is possibly the frilliest lingerie set I’ve ever tried. Tufts of lace emerge at every opportunity – especially on the knickers which are rendered essentially unwearable under lighter clothing. I also personally didn’t like the feeling of the lace at the bottom of the band – it was scratchy and made me feel like I had grown mould.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a little bit of frilly flair if that’s your jam… but it’s definitely not mine. Betty made me feel like a doily – and however much Mr B4J may think he likes that sort of thing it’s not how I want to spend my first days of my married life.

Bit of a disappointment for me – but considering fit and how much I loved Lilliana I’m still excited by this new brand. Just please, hold the trimmings for me next time would you?

Tutti Rouge’s Betty is available in sizes 28-38 DD-HH.

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1 Response to Oo Betty: Tutti Rouge’s all-frills style reviewed

  1. Tom Upton says:

    A doily? that is funny. You definitely got a keen way with words.

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