Bigger on the inside: TARDIS BRA

Doctor Who returns to our screens on Saturday, and we’re so ridiculously overexcited we couldn’t resist a gratuitous Who themed blog post. So, in honour of the eleventh and my second favourite Doctor (after Tom Baker, of course…), let us celebrate the wonder of Time and Relative Dimension in Bras: the Panache Tango Plunge.

The Tango Plunge was the first bra I was ever properly fitted in to, and years (and many replacements) later it is still one of my staples, despite the fact that – as a shorts-wearer – it forces me to mix-and-match with generic M&S smalls.

I am proud of my G-cups and enjoy deploying them at will, but there are some outfits and some occasions where I prefer to minimise their effect (when I need a bio-dampener for boobies perhaps, for any confused and lost Who fans wondering where in the universe their browser has landed…).  Panache Tango’s subtle shaping and always-perfect fit streamline your cleavage to make it appear less pronounced. And it’s a great fix too for ungenerously cut high street dresses that pull up or twist with a more prominent shape: it’s like a kinder (and more fetching) pair of Spanx for the knockers.

Unlike the minimiser bras M&S used to threaten me with when I was younger, it doesn’t achieve this by restricting you or squishing you in to shapes you’re too big for. Somehow it takes your breasts and – using transendental dimensionalism, I assume – disguises them as a much more modest bra size.  I wonder if it really is bigger on the inside.

The Tango Plunge comes in a wide range of sizes and colours in 28DD-38H, and is widely available from stores and sites including B4J favourites Bravissimo and Lembrassa.

One word of caution: whilst a great basic, well made and a resilient day bra, it is not suitable for vigorous activity: a day juddering on my bike in Amsterdam riddled it with holes. I’d seek out a more shock absorbing style for your more intensive time-travelling adventures…

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