I said yes!

Ray Lichtenstein Engagement

I had no idea I would ever be writing about weddings two posts in a row, but last weekend on the back of  a boat on the Thames and to my total surprise Mr B4J asked me to marry him. I said yes.

I’ve never dreamed of being a bride – I won’t be in a wedding dress on the day for sure – but I can’t wait to be married to my best friend. And so we have set ourself a challenge: four months, no procrastination, and one awesome party for our friends and family.

We both know what we want to wear (hell, I’ll buy a dress this afternoon if it’s in stock and suits G-Unit), we know what we want to eat and drink, we know the sort of place we want to have it, we know who we want to come and we know the sort of party we want to have. There’s only one totally blank void in the plan:

I have no idea what lingerie to wear.

This is an amazing opportunity to splash out on some extremely special and decadent undercrackers…. but what do I want to wear? Fit must be perfect, of course – and the structure of the bra will need to work with that of the dress. But beyond that I have total freedom  to choose anything to hold me up on our wedding day. I don’t need to restrict myself to bridal lingerie as I won’t be in white (or cream, or anything bride-y) – so on one hand I have total carte blanche. But on the other as regular readers will know white underwear – a genre wholly unrepresented in my swelling lingerie collection – is Mr B4J’s favourite: it might be nice to – for once – indulge him.

White lace wedding present for my new husband, or something bright and beautiful for myself? Or – the dream – is there a white bra out there that can look special enough to me at a G cup to be something for the both of us?

Four months until L&B4J day. This is going to be fun…

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26 Responses to I said yes!

  1. Mrs B says:

    Congratulations! I totally see what you mean about white lingerie, I usually go for bright colors too (probably in a subconscious attempt to wipe out memories of the white shiny synthetic straightjacket-like bras that were my only choice as a teenager. hrrr.)
    My suggestion would be the Fantasie Susanna basque in petal (see, petal. not white.) I already had this in black/gold but had to get the petal (not white!) version too. It fits more like a longline bra than anything else I ever tried in my size (32GG in this), it’s so comfortable and yet looks so glamorous. On me it doesn’t have any “shaping” effect, despite the boning, it just gives really good, firm bust support (like I imagine a longline bra would if I were ever to find one). It’s great under button-down shirts too, like wearing a very glam camisole that the fabric glides well over. My only (brief) worry before splurging on the petal (not white!) version was that it would be “too bridal” for everyday use. My husband (of 12 years, yes we got married young-ish :), however has a soft spot for the all-white (hrrr.) lingerie kind too (and made such a sappy comment about it that I can’t even repeat it) so of course I had to buy the thing. It’s really a lovely, soft color, really pretty (petal!). I think I just saw it on sale somewhere (Figleaves?) too, but I am not going to look because then I may end up buying more.

    • That is pretty! Although I wonder how it would sit under a very fitted dress – I’m more of an extreme eight shape than any of the models I’m looking at wearing it. I think I’m just going to need to try (and HOW much easier if I can get the dress today – fingers crossed!)

      SO frustrating for you to be a longline fan and a GG – so close and yet so far! Hopefully you’ll be included in to Freya’s ranges before too long. They’re so comfortable for G+ boobs.

      • Mrs B says:

        Yes, I am working on my longline bra envy. As I am often in the GG/H range and could not wear a smaller band than 32 there is no point of even trying to squish myself into a G cup either 😦

        I guess whether the Susanna would show underneath a dress will depend on the dress, anything with boning will of course risk showing through. I have not had problems with it showing through, but then I’ve not worn it under anything that fancy either. Yet.

        As for shape, I am actually not very 8/hourglass shaped (more like very top heavy…I have very off proportions measurement-wise actually) but on the other hand the Susannas I have do seem to have a bit of room for hips which I am not filling out 😦
        Also, I bought mine after seeing a review by Sophisticated pair and at least compared to me she looks very hourglassy.

  2. Dorothy King says:


    Why not use it as a reason to broaden your brands away from Freya and the usual suspects …?

    Avocado make beautiful bras – go get one from them! (they are also super-helpful with sizing etc – but if it helps, Freya Deco 30G is a bit too loose on the band and a bit small on the cups for me, though GG is too big … and that translates to me wearing the 70H in Avocado). The red Nina gives an amazing line … http://www.avocado.com.pl/sklep/pl/shop/avocado_lingerie/nina5.html (any size highlighted by a red box means they will make it for you in a couple of weeks, and the briefs are so well made I no longer order two per bra, which I tend to have to do with other brands).

    • Never heard of Avocado before but yes, I will be expanding by search beyond my every day favourites for sure! I’m expecting to make lots of new brand friends in the quest…

  3. Congratulation.
    Why don’t you check out Comexim.pl? I find they have so many pretty bras

  4. Curlew says:

    Oh my gosh, congratulations!! It sounds like your wedding planning adventure is going to be awesome…well, really wedding constructing, since you know most all of what you want already, right? I have no doubt you’ll choose some kickass lingerie!

  5. Laura (DT) says:

    I got a white bra from Kris Line off of brastop.com that is totally wedding-perfect, but since I’m completely single, just is great at making me feel gaaawgeous, dahling.


    I recommend going a band size up, and maybe also a cup size up. Depends on how full your breasts are at the top.

  6. Darci says:


  7. Congratulations!

    I’ve heard great things about the Ewa Michalak white bras (Lilia and Malwa), but I’m with you on preferring bright colors :-).

  8. Stacy says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 I hope the big day is wonderful.

  9. Stacy says:

    Congrats! So much fun with the nontraditional wedding and such. I’d have fun dress shopping for sure.

    I actually had my long-line altered for my wedding dress. I was in the wrong size at the time (a couple of bands too big), but my waist went in enough that we took at least 4 inches out of the waist of it. And I had to wear a strapless even thought my dress was a v-neck, since I had a low back on it.

    Could you do something like a Curvy Kate Entice, so you get the white but with fun? Or something ruffly and fun?

    On the other hand, maybe you can just buy some special wedding night lingerie in the white he likes and then wear whatever you want under your dress. (I have a cream cosabella chemise that my husband adores, even 6 years later…)

  10. Lynn says:

    Congrats from a fellow bride!

    Why no bridal dress? What type of dress will you get instead?

  11. bra lover Sarah says:

    Congrats honey!

    If you get a strapless dress, try something like this stick on bra. I wore one for a summer wedding (I’m an E) and it was okay for a tenner 🙂

    Anyway – congrats again!

  12. Sarah says:

    Oh & link to the adhesive bra in my name. Buh bye.

  13. Vee says:

    I am sooo jealous right now! :)) Two reasons:
    1. You’re getting married and I’m still staring at my biological clock -.-
    2. Your boobs fit into Gossard Ooh la la Corsellette.

    Congrats 🙂

  14. Congratulations! I was just married on March 29th and the lead up to the big day is a really amazing time. Can’t wait to see photos/read all about it. 🙂

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  16. Jimmy says:

    Have a look at Annie Fraulein – she has a great collection including beautiful grey/white/pale pink collection with bra or basque – might fit similar to deco with less nuclear weapon effect! Or if you really want to splash , check out Beaujais! Congratulations!!!

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