Freya Lacey reviewed!


Sometimes, I do things that are bad for me. Crisp sandwiches, for example. An episode of Made in Chelsea, watched mouth agape from behind a cushion. And, on occasion, faux vintage looking stuff with frills and buttons.

Freya’s Lacey was made for that final indulgence. It is so pretty and dainty – Downton-era elegance for the DDs, all cafe latte hues, cute polka dot detail and lacey loveliness.

Or at least, it was until I put it on. Sadly, Lacey (30G, my usual Freya size) does not transform me in to the stylish waif-like flapper I’ve always dreamed of being. There is a touch of Downton – but I am as a matron, not as a lady. Like most faux vintage looking stuff with fills and buttons, it just doesn’t work on me. My boobs appear wide and frumpy, and the peak of each cup remains unfilled although in every other respect (top of cup included) the fit seems fine. I didn’t have a 30FF on hand to try sizing down, but looking at the fit of the wire I’m not sure I could have afforded a smaller cup anyway. Lacey is just not for me.

Conversely, Invest in your Chest went BANANAS for this bra – so at least some ladies are feeling the Lacey love. It was sprawling and imperfect on me – but on the right shape, this baby could be a real treat. It’s almost worth persevering with for the awesome button detailing on the knickers alone

Freya Lacey Lingerie Short

Lacey is available in a whopping range of sizes between 28-38 C-K.

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