Sexy Satine: Bravissimo’s push up reviewed

Bravissimo Satine

When I wrote about the sort of bra I’d need to go under my wedding dress (eeeeeeep), the one name you lovely lot kept throwing at me was Satine by Bravissimo.

Part of Bravissimo‘s own label range, Satine is a simple satin (surprise!) plunge push up bra that retails for £29. White and silky, it’s more ‘bridal’ than I ever envisaged my wedding lingerie to be (heck my dress isn’t white and silky…), but due to neckline restrictions and it’s super-plunging plunge I had to give it a try.

For some reason I expected Satine to be bulkier than she was – possibly in the model of a Deco. But actually she’s much more lightweight than that, making her a comfortable push-up option for sticky summer nights.

Size wise, the back is firm and the cup ran true to size – and the low, soft plunge was extremely comfortable. This is definitely a bra you’d feel secure in all day, whether that day was your wedding or not.

But not my wedding. Not because there’s anything wrong with her – I think she’s a cracking bra – but HOLY WOW does she give an epic cleavage. It actually reminded me of being 15 and first trying on a Wonderbra – after 14.9 years of being a ‘late bloomer’ I was stuck in the changing room utterly transfixed by these new, enormous FHM worthy C-cups (Yeah. Loool.) Satine has the same effect.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But the wedding brief is very specific – low plunge yet modest cleavage – so because I don’t want to spend 7th September killing off older relatives, I’ll keep looking…

Satine is available only from Bravissimo in sizes 28-38 D-J.

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2 Responses to Sexy Satine: Bravissimo’s push up reviewed

  1. Great little read about the #BridalLingerie definitely food for thought!

  2. C says:

    I actually love this bra, though I get basically no cleavage with it at all funnily enough – though the same can be said for every bra ever just about, alas

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