The War on Plus Four: Operation Playtex. Mission accomplished?

Playtex get it wrongI may be totally fearless when it comes to taking on lingerie retailers, but there are some battle fronts the current B4J HQ in Amsterdam simply puts out of reach. So three cheers for bloggers Georgina Horne, Kitty Lingerista and Cheryl for stepping up and taking the War on Plus Four campaign right to where it really counts: the focus groups of Playtex UK.

To recap, the War on Plus Four was declared months ago when self-proclaimed curve champions Simply Yours created a diabolical size guide for their website. Hot on their heels, Playtex created a cute bra calculator app that predicted your pre-proper fitting size with a chilling accuracy. When challenged, both brands stuck by their positions, claiming they were ‘just guides’ – a common and wilfully negligent defence from plus-four peddlars. But with increased pressure and incredible support from readers Playtex did what Simply Yours dared not, and invited Busts 4 Justice to assemble a focus group of concerned readers to discuss the issue. Three top lingerie bloggers stepped up to the challenge, and I was incredibly proud to read this from Playtex UK on Monday:

“I just wanted to pass our thanks onto you for helping us set up a really valuable focus group, the feedback we received from the ladies was really useful. We will be working on the fitting information on the site over the next few months and look forward to sharing it with you.”

Why is this important? It is always important when big brands listen to customers and are prepared to change. Consumer action is absolutely essential in these situations, because unless customers tell companies they’re getting it wrong companies will continue to do as they always have. And no company is an island – each that makes a change will influence another. Each small victory in the War on Plus Four is a step closer to a consumer culture of better fit, and of more women enjoying the support, confidence and freedom we now almost take for granted. Certainly for me, that’s something worth fighting for.

I look forward to seeing what positive changes Playtex will make. Thanks once again to the girls for attending: you are superstars: medals for all.

And as for Simply Yours? I haven’t forgotten about you. Care to step up and do the right thing? There’s this excellent focus group I know of…

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6 Responses to The War on Plus Four: Operation Playtex. Mission accomplished?

  1. June says:

    This really is inspiring! I hope these changes help many women find well-fitting bras!

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I think it’s really great that Playtex UK had the focus group and is listening. Now we need to get Playtex US to listen. They still have the old fitting advice (although they advise adding 5 inches!). Just recently, they had a makeover video on their youtube channel and the new bra didn’t even fit the woman properly. It’s here if you want to see it. I made a comment on it and I hope they read it.

  3. Bratabase says:

    Although their US site is adding not only 4 but 5 inches and recommending to round up giving out up to 6″ above your expected bra size.

    I just wrote an analysis on their calculator:

  4. Laura P says:

    maybe through your Playtex UK contacts, they can get Playtex US to also do focus groups? I’ve tried on more than one occasion to get a conversation going on their measuring guide, to no avail. the US in general is less inclined to give up the Plus 4, I’ve found…


    • I did try but sadly UK Playtex is run by a separate company. Can I do anything to help your campaign in the US? The US are further behind on this stuff but if we can get just one company thinking differently it might have a ripple effect……. x

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