If you do one thing this breast cancer awareness month…

I Heart Boobies
…check your boobs. Check them now. Literally – stop what you’re doing and get your hand in your bra. Better still, get your bra off and do it properly. I’m typing one handed right now while I do mine – it is really that easy. Check them for everyone who’s fought it and for everyone who lost, and for everyone who’s watched and cared for someone they love through the fight. And most importantly, check them for yourself. The best defence against terminal breast cancer is early detection. That really is up to you.

Right breast checked, let’s move to the left – which does make typing slower, but it’s important to finish the job. What are we looking out for? Anything. Anything we haven’t noticed before – be it lumps, bumps, rashes, puckering, leaking, discolouring. Anything strange from nipple to armpit to upper arm and back again. Anything that feels unfamiliar to you is something that needs checking. Notice it, and see your doctor. It might just be the most important thing you ever do.

Finished? Well done. Although really, we’re not finished yet – the truth is of course that we never will be. We need to be grabbing these moments on a regular basis for the rest of our lives. The more time we invest in getting to know our breasts, the more equipped we’ll be to recognise if something does go wrong.

And because we ran through that quite fast, here’s an easy guide for you to bookmark and keep shared by the truly tremendous ladies at CoppaFeel!. As they say, “knowing your boobs could save your life”. That’s worth at least a hundred times more than the amount of time an effort self-examination actually takes…

Who’s ready to go again?

CoppaFeel: signs to look out for


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2 Responses to If you do one thing this breast cancer awareness month…

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  2. If you do find something odd don’t wait.
    I’m posting this for a freind who is in remission. She says that if she’d gone to GP when she first realised something was ‘off’ she would have had less surgery. If she had left it there would have been a funeral.
    Do not hesitate, do not be afraid, do take it to a nurse or doctor.

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