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Gossard’s Vintage Rose reviewed… War on Plus Four style

Gossard’s Vintage Rose padded plunge (30-38 A-G) caught my eye against my will. Gossard are on The Naughty List for using a +4 calculator with no fitting advice whatsoever, and giving them money is the last thing I want to do right … Continue reading

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Playtex remove bra calculator… what next for the War on Plus Four?

Late on Friday, Playtex announced that they had finally removed the controversial +5/6 bra calculator from their US website. In a post on Bust 4 Justice’s Facebook, they said: “Thanks for reaching out. You’re right, and we’re sorry the fit … Continue reading

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War on Plus Four: The Manifesto

NO ONE SHOULD SPEND EACH DAY HATING THEIR UNDERWEAR. Wires that poke. Straps that dig. Gaping cups and underarm fat. The constant, nagging need to readjust. The inability to move five paces without needing to readjust again. And don’t even … Continue reading

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Playtex US: The War on Plus Four goes stateside

When Busts 4 Justice challenged Playtex on their hopelessly misleading bra calculator app (above) last year, dozens of bloggers and Playtex customers joined the fight to get them to rethink the mis-advice they were giving to women. And Playtex listened – … Continue reading

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The War on Plus Four: Operation Playtex. Mission accomplished?

I may be totally fearless when it comes to taking on lingerie retailers, but there are some battle fronts the current B4J HQ in Amsterdam simply puts out of reach. So three cheers for bloggers Georgina Horne, Kitty Lingerista and … Continue reading

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