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My Bust is for Justice: Susannah says standardized fitting advice for all

“My Bust is for Justice” is a brand new soapbox for bloggers with a big fat drum to beat. First up, lingerie.co.uk blogger Susannah Perez imagines a world with standardized fitting advice for all… Both images taken from different Playtex … Continue reading

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Playtex ignores customers’ pleas for help. For shame.

Oh Playtex. I did so want to believe you could change. When you removed your horribly irresponsible bra calculator and promised to re-evaluate the way you gave fitting advice, I so wanted to think you meant it. Maybe, just maybe, … Continue reading

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The Third Way: How Brands Can Advise on Bra Size

I am certain that bad fitting advice issued by irresponsible bra brands is responsible for every single ill fitting bra and every minute of bra-wearing misery known to women. Which is why from Playtex to Gossard to (now) Curvy Kate … Continue reading

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I hate Victoria’s Secret

In terms of good fit awareness and availability of D+bras, it’s probably fair to say that the US is at least 10 years behind the UK high street – possibly more. It’s shocking, but not hard to believe: I was … Continue reading

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Star in a Bra heads to the USA!

  It’s belated, perhaps – but I was away when Curvy Kate announced that Star in a Bra was launching in America, and it’s such good news it’s definitely worth shouting about twice. Entering Star in a Bra is not … Continue reading

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