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Do you need the bionic bra?

A team in Australia have been busy creating a tech solution to an extremely common problem: having boobs while exercising. In the future, instead of risking pain and long term damage to breast tissue, your “Bionic Bra” would use smart technological … Continue reading

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It’s not me, it’s you….

I’ve just read a string of blog posts and articles about how horrible/impossible/torturous bras are when you’re busty and I just have to say… It’s not you, it’s them. Your breasts are not wrong. Your body is not difficult. And … Continue reading

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Why Playtex need to do more than change their calculator

Alison Deyette: do not trust this women with your breasts It’s been a week since Playtex responded to pressure and pulled down their disgracefully misleading bra calculator and promised to review the way they advise fit, but a week on I … Continue reading

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Why Playtex MUST act now

Tracking the Playtex Facebook page last night, I couldn’t help but be moved. Not just by the tremendous support for the War on Plus Four on the page, but by the overwhelming amount of Playtex fans responding to their (kinda … Continue reading

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What most people don’t know about bra sizes…

By most people, I don’t mean the discerning busts4justice.com reader, of course. But as I read the comments challenging her bra size underneath the gorgeous Lizzie Haines’ interview in the Daily Mail, I decided a world still blighted with ill-informed, … Continue reading

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