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Pretty girls, nice fits.

Darcy: Cleo by Panache (review here) Oh, Panache. Not only do you make some truly cracking undercrackers, but you’re some of the nicest people in lingerie too. And to prove the point, Panache have extended their ‘Love the Fit‘ programme … Continue reading

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I hate my boobs. I do. They’re just so big. It’s impossible to find a decent bra, and even when I buy the biggest one I can find they don’t hold me in. They’re so irritating – if they’re not … Continue reading

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Gossard’s amazing scientific methods once again prove nothing.

This just in from Gossard. I’ll leave you to pick through this and my reply. It’s frustrating to say the least (I don’t get paid for this, ya know?) – but there it is. Stubborn, uncontrolled, and flawed – this … Continue reading

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True&Co’s algorithm to make finding your bra size easy. Oh no.

There’s a lot of hype about True&Co – the new lingerie start up that promises an online fitting without tape measures, and then an at home changing room experience based on your needs and selections. On paper, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Gossard vs Good Fit: the battle continues

Regular readers may remember the battle Busts 4 Justice had with Gossard’s fairly questionable bra calculator and fitting advice a while back. To their credit, they reached out and have been working on the situation. I was very disappointed then, … Continue reading

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Playtex ignores customers’ pleas for help. For shame.

Oh Playtex. I did so want to believe you could change. When you removed your horribly irresponsible bra calculator and promised to re-evaluate the way you gave fitting advice, I so wanted to think you meant it. Maybe, just maybe, … Continue reading

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The Third Way: How Brands Can Advise on Bra Size

I am certain that bad fitting advice issued by irresponsible bra brands is responsible for every single ill fitting bra and every minute of bra-wearing misery known to women. Which is why from Playtex to Gossard to (now) Curvy Kate … Continue reading

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