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Victoria’s Secret’s war on bums esclalates

Does my bum look big in this? Actually, I’m writing this in a pair of “relaxed tailored” sweatpants so don’t answer that. I mean rather, that Victoria’s Secret have been at it again: wielding their retouching software with all the … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Secret has the perfect body (but it’s not yours)

That Victoria’s Secret would plaster “The Perfect Body” over ten very thin women in an advert can come as no surprise to anyone. This is a brand who have previously retouched the very butt cheeks out of their already uniformly … Continue reading

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Help Me Busts 4 Justice: I have Fibromyalgia and my bras hurt

Even the best fitting bras can irritate once in a while; but what do you do when a chronic health condition means they hurt all the time? Help Me Busts 4 Justice! I’m a 20 year old with a chronic … Continue reading

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Help Me Busts 4 Justice: my boobs are uncomfortable!

Reader P sent her struggle with sister sizes to Help Me Busts 4 Justice. Let’s help her navigate her way to a more comfortable fit… Help Me Busts 4 Justice! I just found out my actual size is 28D (I’d … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Secret: my depressing Valentine

I seriously think I have an allergy to Victoria’s Secret: almost everything I see of theirs riles me. They are the opposite of everything I would hope for a lingerie company to be, and yet are relentless in their domination of lingerie … Continue reading

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