As easy as A, B, C (and D, and the rest…): Bravissimo’s Boob School

Bravissimo Boob School

This post is hugely overdue thanks to my recent adventures in amazing Texas (howdy y’all), but two weeks late this not-so-new news is still worth shouting about.

It’s no secret I love Bravissimo. Non-UK readers: whenever you ask for the reason why the UK is so much better equipped for our fuller busts than other countries, Bravissimo is it. Founded by a frustrated big busted woman in 1995, Bravissimo went from mail-order secret to high street game changer – re-educating (and empowering!) women about their bodies one bra size at a time. They reshaped the lingerie industry for those of us beyond a C cup (now most serious department stores and lingerie brands carry G cup bras almost as standard) and they continue to champion the importance of good (and regular) fittings and properly sized lingerie.

Boob School is proof of their continuing dedication to that cause. For those of you who have never been “Bravissimo-d”, there are no tape measures in their changing rooms. The fitters assess bras not on numbers and letters, but on how they fit. They show you how any bra does or doesn’t work for you, and explain how to tell when you’ve got it right. For me, this is the key to getting all women in to well fitted bras. An online bra calculator is never going to do it – we have to help every woman to recognise the signs and find her perfect fit for herself, even if it contradicts what a ‘professional’ fitter is telling her.

To be honest, I already classify Bravissimo as a company with great fit advice and a dedication to educating their customers, but Boob School aims to do this on a much bigger scale and to a wider audience. It re-imagines the information that has been hitherto tucked away in the bottom links of their webpage and in the brains of their fitters, and puts it front and center with these easy to understand cue cards on their website and Facebook. So many women wear bras in sizes that squish, squeeze, bulge or otherwise bother their breasts, when the truth is a good fitting bra can stop you from noticing them from one end of the day to the next (unless you want to…) Bravissimo were the ones who introduced me to 30G (from 34E), and in doing so freed me from hating my body… and freed me to discover running, swimming, shirts that button properly, non-nipple exposing swimwear, and liking my boobs. And if you’re one of the many women still struggling with awkward lingerie, I hope one day they will do the same for you too.

Check out Bravissimo’s seven bra faux pas below and see if you need to work on your bra-rithmetic….

Bravissimo Boob School Bravissimo Boob School Bravissimo Boob School Bravissimo Boob School Bravissimo Boob School Bravissimo Boob School Bravissimo Boob School

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6 Responses to As easy as A, B, C (and D, and the rest…): Bravissimo’s Boob School

  1. Jen says:

    This is terrific. I know someone who works for a famously not-awesome US lingerie company and am forwarding this to them right away (as I do so many similar things, b/c they refuse to admit not every single woman is a 34B). Bravo, Bravissimo!

  2. Gina says:

    This is outstanding. Amazing all the different types of boobs all us women have and we aren’t happy with any of them. No wonder why we try to change them especially for the size! :p

  3. Bran says:

    I suffer from so many of these. I’ve lost 42 pounds and need to get fitted for a bra.

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