Do you need the bionic bra?

A team in Australia have been busy creating a tech solution to an extremely common problem: having boobs while exercising. In the future, instead of risking pain and long term damage to breast tissue, your “Bionic Bra” would use smart technological to adapt to movement in real time to deliver the support you need. Clever concept.

Although, here’s the thing. There are already sports bras on the market that can deliver the support you need – even for intensive exercise – and even for large breasts. Trust me, I’m a G-Cup. I used to exercise in two bras and a support top to try and keep things in place – and still something with repetitive bouncing like running would be impossible for me. Then I found Freya’s Underwired Active bra (still my favourite, although there are multiple options on the high-street now) and my life changed.

The trick? The technology? The science? The right bra in the right size. It’s that simple.

I (along with many, many others) have long written that the standard fitting methods employed by many bra fitters (especially in high street stores) are inadequate for women with a certain volume of breast. Standard fitting finds your back size by adding 4/5 inches to your ‘true’ back measurement. And this method serves a lot of women just fine. But as you approach a DD cup, the weight of your breasts increases. It is just physics that you need a stronger counter-weight to hold that weight up. 80% of that strength comes from the band of your bra. If it’s not firmly strapped to your back, how can it hold up the weight of your breasts? If it’s not properly anchored, how is it going to be able to support you during vigorous exercise?

Try this quick test: take off your shirt and look at how your bra is fitting after at least 30 minutes of wear. Are the shoulders digging in? Is the back riding up? If so, you probably need a stronger anchor – so you need a smaller back size*.

I’m all for engineers experimenting with wearable tech – enhancing our lives and experiences with clever hacks that make things work better. But on this count – instead of holding our breaths for a bionic miracle – wouldn’t it just be easier if we all had access to better bra fitting?

* Note – if you’re sizing down in the back, you need to remember to size up in the front to get equivalent volume. Click here for more info about sister sizing.

Source: Lingerie Insight 

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2 Responses to Do you need the bionic bra?

  1. elle says:

    Actually there isn’t really that many options above an H cup. The Freya Active Underwired is the best I can find for my J cups but the gore doesn’t tack at all, the wires go halfway round my back and it gives a pretty poor east west shape. The Bravissimo own brand one was a good fit for me but it’s been discontinued for ages and not due to reappear until 2016! Some people swear by Royce for bigger cup sizes but IMO it’s only ok for low impact. I’ve tried pretty much every sports bra out there in my size, in sister sizes and squeezing into too small sizes and the only one that did the job while looking good isn’t available any more so I’m happy to read about the possibility of more options.

  2. Georgia says:

    As someone who lives in Australia, this is SO frustrating because there is SUCH a lack of knowledge about fitting here, and even less outlets for people to buy bras that are an F cup+ (and you’d probably struggle to find a sports bra in anything over a DD). If I wanted to get a sports bra my size (32H) I’d have to travel into the city (an hour and forty minutes), it’s much easier just to buy online unfortunately.

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