Help Me Busts 4 Justice : I can’t afford my new bra size

Tangled up bras

Finding the perfect bra size can be life changing, but what happens if you can’t afford your new bra size?

Help me Busts 4 Justice!

Hello, I found this blog while searching for bra sizing charts. The whole ordeal is dizzying. For most of my boob life I’ve worn ill fitting uncomfortable bras. That changed when I gave my cousin a farewell hug and she asked if I was wearing a bra…. I went to the department store to get sized, the lady said I was a 36 B, even though the bras I tried were just obviously not right. My boobs got blamed. After many countless hours of research on the internet I found a more accurate size but they don’t carry it in department stores AT ALL. Now I’m struggling to find decently priced bras in my size that are comfortable and supportive. The only place I can go is online and with international shipping and conversion fees on my credit card I’m starting to feel desperate. Most  brands that carry my size, UK 30 F, US 30 G  are between 60-120 dollars. I’m really frustrated.


Hi N,

I’m so glad that you’ve managed to find a better bra size, and I certainly feel your pain on cost. I find it staggering that the US is so far behind Europe in servicing fuller cups. But there are a couple of tricks you can try to make your money go further:

1: Nordstrom Rack – bargains to be had and they do carry European DD+ brands. I always check it out when I’m in the States.

2: E-bay – you’re not alone: there are loads of women in America struggling with the same thing. Often it’s cheaper to sell things on e-bay that don’t fit rather than shipping them back

3: Check out sites that do deliver for free internationally. Large Cup Lingerie is a great example, and I think should too (they always have free shipping and 20% discount offers, so worth following). There are also really amazing bargains to be had in the sales at the moment.

What I would also say is that with bigger breasts it is worth paying a little extra for quality, but you can dramatically increase the life of your bras by caring for them kindly. Your bras should never see the inside of a washing machine or dryer. I am pretty lazy, so I wash mine when I’m in the shower with some gentle shampoo. Always let them air dry, keep them off radiators. All these tricks keep the elastic from deteriorating and so extend the life of the bra dramatically – meaning your investment goes a lot further.

Thanks for your e-mail, and I really hope this helps. Good luck!

Love from B4J x

What say you readers? What are your top tips for bigger bra shopping on a budget? Let us know below and help N replace her lingerie wardrobe with her perfect fit.

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10 Responses to Help Me Busts 4 Justice : I can’t afford my new bra size

  1. Whit says:

    I’m not sure where N lives but I’m in the US and here’s what I suggest. is great for full bust sizes, as a lot of options come with free shipping and returns (especially if you or anyone you know has Amazon prime). There are often styles from seasons and seasons ago that you can get for really cheap, like $20 and under. is also great for sales and they also have free shipping over $40 and free returns always. I don’t use credit cards often, but I’ll use one to order bras so I can order lots of sizes in the same style and send the ones I don’t want back for free, without draining my bank account.

    Also, searching the name of the bra + review and reading a few before you order is very helpful if you’re unsure about fit. Hope this helps!

  2. Sally says:

    Try secondhand bras, especially while you’re still figuring out what styles work for you! listings are very useful. There’s also a Facebook group called Clothes for Boobs with bunches of listings, and a few Reddit groups–try r/braswap, r/abrathatfits, and r/randomactsofbras.

  3. AubryLee says:

    Don’t forget Brastop! Its not my favorite place to shop from, but they do have a LOT of sales and many bras in that size are under $40. ❤ ❤

  4. Personally, I use eBay a lot. Also, Bratabase listings can be a great resource for bargains. Depending on your shape, Comexim can be a cheap-ish option too.

  5. Oj says:

    Flash sale sites like Zulili (I’m almost sure they have a uUS site) often have deals. I just bought two panache bras in 36GG for £11.99 each rather than the £30+ I normally pay. Keep your eyes on these sites daily.

  6. Rachel Towns says:

    I have a similar bra size (30FF) and second Large Cup Lingerie as a great place to find underwear at a reasonable price! And although I’ve not used their international shipping I’ve found items get dispatched super quick 🙂

  7. Excellent advice and just what I would have said. I’ve found Large Cup Lingerie particularly brilliant and good value, with lots of choice and good brands.

  8. Emily says:

    Also! this is pretty legit
    and agree with above comment!! Bratabase is your friend! 🙂

  9. Ellie says:

    Boucher Avenue are great, they are a UK based company but will ship internationally if you ask nicely. I pay about £25 for bras there (I’m a UK 28/30 GG) and they do fantastic sales, I be got 3 matching sets for £40 in the sales there before

  10. Giuls says:

    I’m in th UK but I swear by eBay. There’s lots of small retailers who carry previous season bras heavily discounted. I just looked on US eBay for your size, and loads of pretty ones came up. There’s some lovely Freya bras for around $25.

    I feel your pain. Whole the situation isn’t as bad over here, I still resent the fact that I CAN’T buy bras from cheap high street shops. I love bras. I love pretty, funky bras and matching knickers, but they’re an occasional treat!

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