Join Playtex’s fitting focus group!

Are you passionate about women’s right to a good fit? Do you know your way around a well-selected D-cup? Are you at war with plus four?

Following our fitting challenge, Playtex would live to invite seven bright and brilliant fit-wise followers to join them in a focus group to help sort their online advice once and for all.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to shape the way a prominent company promote fit to their customers, and who knows what impact it might have: one company changing fitting policy could improve fit standards for a number of women, but one company inspiring more could trigger a revolution.

I’m incredibly disappointed that geographical and practical limitations (work, cat, the North Sea) will come between me and attending the group, but I know all of you are more than capable of fighting the good fight without me. Though if someone wants to sneak me in on Skype, I’d be more than happy to join in….

Many of you have already expressed your interest to join the group, but for simplicity’s sake if you could reiterate your interest (and send your phone contact details) to me at, then I can pass your details on to Playtex to make contact.

The date is yet to be confirmed and will depend on everyone’s availability, but aspiring fit champions will need to be available and in London for a weekday evening in July or August.

Look forward to hearing from you all, and taking the good fit fight forward.

Love from Beckie x



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8 Responses to Join Playtex’s fitting focus group!

  1. Wow, any chance we can get Playtex to bring back the Thank Goodness it Fits half-size line? It was brilliant the way the TGIF collection featured in-between cup sizes nearly A, nearly B and nearly C. I’ve heard from many small-busted women who loved those bras and now dearly miss them.

  2. Brenda Turl says:

    Please choose me to be part of your focus group, I really need a bra that fits me properly, is comfortable and sexy even.


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