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The Bra Band Project

An awesome army of bloggers (and B4J favourites Stack DD, Boosaurus, Braless in Brasil and By Babys Rules) is waging war against manufacturers who say sub-32 backs as “for juniors, or that there was no market for them.” To prove … Continue reading

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Gossard, good intentions, and godawful bra calculators

A couple of days ago, I decided I could no longer be bothered to write straight up lingerie reviews for bras made by companies not bothered to give responsible fitting advice. Instead, I reviewed Gossard on their own terms: in … Continue reading

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Gossard’s Vintage Rose reviewed… War on Plus Four style

Gossard’sĀ Vintage Rose padded plungeĀ (30-38 A-G) caught my eye against my will. Gossard are on The Naughty List for using a +4 calculator with no fitting advice whatsoever, and giving them money is the last thing I want to do right … Continue reading

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Study finds +4 method “not accurate”

A new study by the rather awesome Department of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth “has confirmed that the traditional method of bra fitting is not accurate when compared to published best-fit criteria”. In the first scientific … Continue reading

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I hate Victoria’s Secret

In terms of good fit awareness and availability of D+bras, it’s probably fair to say that the US is at least 10 years behind the UK high street – possibly more. It’s shocking, but not hard to believe: I was … Continue reading

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