The Bra Band Project

An awesome army of bloggers (and B4J favourites Stack DD, Boosaurus, Braless in Brasil and By Babys Rules) is waging war against manufacturers who say sub-32 backs as “for juniors, or that there was no market for them.”

To prove them wrong, they’re calling all sub-32 backed women to submit a photo to the Bra Band Project, to create a gallery that clearly proves how wrong these assumptions are. It’s especially important for sub-28 backs to participate, as this is still virgin territory for almost all lingerie brands. If we can’t prove that 28 and 30 backs are as common as sparrows, how can we progress down the tape measure?

The Bra Band Project is also hoping the project will help women struggling in ill fitting bras to recognise their own body shape in the gallery, and be able to see for themselves that the 30 back they once thought for teenagers may actually be for them – essential while brands (especially the great monoliths of mainstream lingerie retail) can’t be trusted to give good fit guidelines themselves.

Photos can be taken fully clothed or in lingerie as preferred. Upload via the Stack DD website, or e-mail them to

Congratulations and good luck with what is a truly inspired campaign. I’m sending mine (below) in right now – Busts 4 Justice salutes you! x

Bra Band Project

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2 Responses to The Bra Band Project

  1. Sarah says:

    Go girls!! Best of luck with this campaign, I think it’s terrific! Appalling that so many women are not catered for as the industry mistakenly believes that these sizes are a minority among adult women! Prove them wrong! Keep us all updated 🙂

  2. Kirsty says:

    I submitted my photo a few days ago, I really hope lingerie companies will listen to us and realise that there is a market for sub-28 bands! I have to get my mum to sew extra hooks on my 28D/DD bras. I know Panache will be trialing 26 bands next Spring, and I hope other companies will follow suit.

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