Star in a Bra heads to the USA!

Curvy Kate Lingerie


It’s belated, perhaps – but I was away when Curvy Kate announced that Star in a Bra was launching in America, and it’s such good news it’s definitely worth shouting about twice.

Entering Star in a Bra is not my own personal cup of tea – but for those whose cup of tea it is, it’s been a hugely liberating and empowering experience. Check out the interviews with last year’s top three to find out more

Most interesting though, is that Curvy Kate are one of the most vocally pro-women, pro-curve, and pro-good fit brands out there – whilst the US is hugely behind Europe and the UK in terms of D+ awareness and availability. I’m hoping the Star in a Bra franchise will unleash them and their mission on to the USA with force, introducing a wider audience to better fit and the alphabet beyond D. Which sucks for all of those brands currently complacent in their insistence that everyone fits in an A-D, and disregard women’s comfort and body confidence in favour of a bigger bottom line. Mentioning no names… *cough, victoria’ssecretplaytexmaidenformetcetcetc, cough*  American women deserve more than their lingerie brands are giving them, and I think Curvy Kate could be just the girls to teach them a lesson…

Curvy Kate launches SIAB USA in April, so there’s plenty of time to practice your poses. In the meantime you can stay up to date by liking them on Facebook, or check out their (yum) new swimwear and spring collections on the website

What do you think – will you be entering?

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6 Responses to Star in a Bra heads to the USA!

  1. It’s definitely needed here in USA. I just had a customer call me for a fitting and she said she had trouble finding bigger cups and occasionally I get a gal at an Essential Bodywear bra party who needs to be fitted in a larger cup size. Fortunately for her, I carry up to H cups but I hoping our company will be adding I,J,K cups to our bra kits soon.

    • Wow – that’s really impressive! Where are you based? I’m always getting e-mails from US girls who can’t find anything that works for them. From what I saw in New York this weekend, there are lots of women in the same boat…

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