Farewell Fauve

Fauve Bronte Longline BraLast week, Wacoal Eveden fans received a quiet farewell from Freya and Fantasie’s sister brand Fauve. Fauve is no more, and fans are asked to turn to Fantasie or Wacoal for their luxe lingerie needs.

I’m a little sad about this passing. If Fauve were a sister, she was more sophisticated and more glamorous than the other brands could hope to be. Sumptuous designs and fabrics, beautiful styles; Fauve had a grown-up elegance I am definitely yet to achieve.

She wasn’t perfect though. Although she looked stunning (I maintain that Fauve’s Bronte – above – is one of the most beautiful creations ever committed to G-Cup), her sizing could be inconsistent and she never braved it past a G Cup. If Fauve’s dissolution means Fauve style luxury up to a K cup (as promised by the e-mail) then that is one fantastic silver lining.

We can hope. I’ve not yet tried Wacoal (it is very high on my list to explore) but I’m very curious about how this will steer the previously inconsistent Fantasie. It’s veered from frumpy to fantastic and back again, often murderously high on my (yes, this again) bony sternum. And stranger for a brand hoping to pick up where another luxe one left off, the latest of theirs I’ve tried (Melissa in Black, review coming this week) is… well, it feels a bit cheap and scratchy.

We can but wait and see. In the meantime, I’m crossing everything. And pausing for a moment to reflect on Bronte: the most perfect bra I never owned. If Wacoal or Fantasie could successfully re-animate her, they’d have me for life.


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