Fauve’s Coco Balcony bra in Mulberry reviewed

Fauve Coco Mulberry

I love Fauve. Fauve is everything I want from my lingerie – it’s grown up, beautiful, elegant… and for some reason the orange Bronte longline coming this spring (below) is one of the most exciting pieces I’ve seen for G-cups in a long time.

Except… I can never make Fauve work. Not because I don’t have a long satin housecoat, or big glossy hair, or immaculately manicured everything (I mean, I don’t have those things either), but because I can never figure out the sizing. However much I love Fauve, I find it really hard to navigate to a size that works.

Take the Coco balcony bra in Mulberry. She is beautiful (although to be honest I could lose the little pearl/diamante caterpillar in the center – this isn’t Victoria’s Secret), she is elegant, and she feels like great quality. But in my usual size of 30G (and the size I usually default to in sister brand Freya), Coco was all wrong. In the back she’s perfect – firm and comfortable and exactly as she should be. But the cup – be it from size or cut or both – was a miss. There was at least a half-cup size’s worth of space left empty, and I couldn’t fix it by adjusting the straps because… the gap was in an empty, eye-poking peak above the nipple.

I could try a 30FF of course, but even then I’m still not sure it would be a solve. The rest of the bra seemed okay, so if the cup compressed anywhere except in that tip I’d be squeezed. Plus, 30 backs are so rare in Amsterdam I’m totally reliant on mail order.  Coco is a lovely looking bra, but I’m not sure I can be bothered to spend time and money shipping another one over to disappoint me.

Fauve would be perfect if they could get a fix on sizing – something perhaps usually consistent sister brand Freya could help her with. I’m crossing everything that the Bronte longline is the very first exception to my Fauve misfortune….

Fauve Coco balcony in Mulberry is available in sizes 30-38 D-GG and 40 D-G.

Fauve Bronte Longline Bra

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8 Responses to Fauve’s Coco Balcony bra in Mulberry reviewed

  1. Clare says:

    I am trying very hard not to try Fauve because the aesthetic is just so perfect and suits my personality so perfectly that I know I would be hooked and it is really more expensive than I can afford. But that orange one has just weakened my resolve. How lovely! Fauve is grown up and sophisticated and sexy and elegant and everything I crave. There are plenty of great full bust brands these days but the young, fun, sometimes whimsical, sometimes exuberant vibe of Freya, cleo and Curvy Kate just isn’t as me.

    • I don’t try Fauve, despite the aesthetic being so perfect, because they stop at G. I’m a J or K. 😦 The Purple bra here is amazing, and I could go to a 40G in it, have the band size altered down to a 36 (making it a de facto 36H or I), and then hope that gap in the cups is just what I need, but i don’t need my heart broken. That orange longline is a dream come true for me, and I can’t have it. 😦

    • Jes says:

      I agree with you Clare, these bras are very womanly (grown up), and yes, this orange one is just divine.

  2. The Bronte longline seems to be a polarizing piece! I’ve heard some people express outright disdain for the color, but I personally kind of like it. It’s so unique and different. I’ve heard that Fauve tends to have wider underwires than Freya or Fantasie, so maybe that is why you are having some difficulties with fit? I hope you find the size that works for you with this brand because the designs are gorgeous.

  3. Jenna says:

    Reblogged this on Of Epic Proportions and commented:
    If only Fauve didn’t stop at G. The fact that they do is simply heartbreaking to me. Also, come to think of it, I’ve never laid eyes on any of their bras in person. I’ve never seen them carried anywhere. Which is really too bad, many of their designs are exactly what I like.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous. You’re right, it’s grown up but fun & stylish & beautiful. Hope you find this is an exception to your previous Fauve experiences!

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