New Year Firecracker: Curvy Kate plunge bra reviewed

Curvy Kate Firecracker Plunge Bra

A perfect fit is much more nuanced than a letter and a number. Being full up top or full up bottom, having wide set breasts or ones that sit close together – these are all perfectly normal variations that will mean your perfect fit is different from someone else with the same bra size. For me, it’s the shape of my rib cage. It’s bony and it flares at the bottom.

This is not something you would notice, or not something that remotely bothers me. It just is. And specifically, it is the reason that many balconette bras don’t work for me. It’s a bummer because I love balconette styles, but anything with too tall a centre gore won’t sit properly on my sternum and after a few short minutes of wear I’m tearing it from my body.

Which is why Curvy Kate’s Firecracker leaped off the screen and in to my basket. It’s a deep, deep plunge bra – but with a lace detail and shape that makes it for everyday that for show-stopping cleavage moments.

In my usual 30G I found it fractionally big in the cup which made the lace baggy, but after adjusting the straps it wasn’t really noticeable. The 3-hook back was nice and firm. My only gripe was the feel of it. CK describe the cup as being “laminated for firm support”, which it certainly does give – but it feels a little plasticky with it. I also struggle with the matching undercracker options – I love a frill as much as the next girl, but I also need knickers that don’t give me VPL at 20 paces.

On balance, though it’s not for me Firecracker really is a really good bra – it gives a flattering, subtle cleavage with a great, comfortable support. It’s also dirt cheap over on Brastop right now, if you’re looking for a bargain…

More of this shape in future, Curvy Kate!


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2 Responses to New Year Firecracker: Curvy Kate plunge bra reviewed

  1. Mrs B says:

    Have you tried the Freya Icon? I haven’t seen any reviews of it at all but still took a chance and ordered it (quite a risk here in Sweden with international shipping and all)…and the fit is incredible. It’s like the love child of a Deco and a Jolie. I actually tried holding up a Deco and a Jolie over the Icon and (at least on me) the molded part has the same shape as the Deco and the elastic lace the same cut as the Jolie. I have worn it all day for the first time and not a mark 🙂 Bliss.

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