Masquerade’s Antoinette reviewed


On paper (or, you know, Internet) I love Masquerade. Panache’s luxe offering always delivers on style and I usually spend their seasonal sneak peeks wishing away whole pay packets. It’s boudoir without being too bordello, and the construction is always fantastic.

Like all Masquerade, Antoinette is another soft, gorgeous, well crafted piece of lingerie. The bandeau shape is unusual and super-flattering, giving a heaving cleavage that reminds me of… well… I can’t think. You try similes with this pair of distractions staring back at you in the mirror.

I suspect Antoinette is a great match for a woman with a broader frame – the front centre is quite wide and the straps the were widest set apart I’ve reviewed in a very long time. The back is firm and the underwire tracks nicely, however the cup is slightly small at the top giving me a prominent quadraboob when viewed from the side (if one can escape the epic view from the front). It’s by no means a perfect bra for me but I can’t help but be tempted to keep her. Perhaps that’s why it’s called Antoinette… who cares what the head is doing when you’ve got a rack like this?

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time I’ve had trouble with Masquerade’s sizing. Although Medina was spot size wise, the (even more beautiful, sigh) Capela ran far too big in the cup for me. Now with Antoinette I’ve run the full gamut of fit nuances; not a problem when you have time and a helpful assistant in a well stocked store, but not ideal when you’re ordering from overseas. I suspect Antoinette will be reluctantly returned. After I’ve looked at her for a little bit longer, natch…

Masquerade’s Antoinette comes in sizes 28D-38G

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1 Response to Masquerade’s Antoinette reviewed

  1. Marie says:

    It can be worn with see-through black night gowns! Very sexy and I appreciate the figure of the model. Thanks for giving us insights through this review. I want to own this masquerades-Antoinette too.

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