Curvy Kate’s Roxie bra reviewed!

Curvy Kate Roxie Padded PlungeI wasn’t ever a huge fan of Curvy Kate‘s earlier Tease Me/Tempt Me/Truss Me (I made that one up) Showgirl series so I’ve quite enjoyed their recent lines – simple and unfussy styles with the odd mega-plunge for days that need an extra oomph.  Roxie is definitely one of my favourites from this season – a pretty, deep padded plunge bra which gives a killer cleavage in something that serves as a cute alternative to your average moulded plunge.

The plunge is extremely deep which makes it great for low necklines (not to mention my problematic bony sternum, which stops me wearing many of Curvy Kate’s higher cut styles), but the scalloping along the cup stops it from being too severe. I really like the “sherbet” underlay beneath the black – you can’t tell from the pictures but it’s actually a subtle, dusty pink and quite pretty. The back could be a little firmer perhaps, but the cup fits perfectly – and like many of Curvy Kate’s styles the far-apart straps are perfect for broader women (although not so wide that they slipped off my quite narrow shoulders).

I actually love this bra, but I’m not keeping it. It’s the weirdest thing… Roxie is the LOUDEST bra I have ever worn. Seriously. It creaks with every tiny move. On closer inspection, it seems to be the covering the metal on the bra rings and strap lengtheners squeaking against the ribbon straps. Who knows, perhaps it would ease away with wear. But it would drive me bonkers in the process.

Curvy Kate’s Roxie is available in sizes 28-30 D-J, 32 D-HH, 34 D-H, 36 D-GG and 38 D-G.


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