Figleaves Just Peachy: actually quite peachy

Just Peachy Lingerie

With some lovely D-G styles to choose from and not a price tag over £20 (£30 for a whole set – bargain)‘s own line Just Peachy is well worth investigation.

I tried the Pink/Aqua Daisy in my more-often-than-not size 30G, and first things first – it seems extremely decent quality for a £20 bra. The embroidery is fun and it gives a great ‘everyday’, comfortable cleavage. Cute pants too.

In terms of fit, the back is firm (as it should be), and if you’re fuller in the bottom (like me) the cup is fantastic for holding you where it should, with the ideal ‘no gap between wire and boob’ achieved without any of the usual wriggling or manhandling on my part. So far so good.

Sadly, it comes up a little small in the cup. I had a whisper of a quadraboob, and a little too much breast tissue spilling up in to the ‘ouch’ zone to make it a keeper.  When ordering, it may be worth ordering an additional bra one cup size up to try – although with the slim size range (no doubt in some part facilitating the price tag) I’ve got nowhere to go bar returning without exchange. Not for me alas, but well worth checking out if you’re looking for a bargain.

Daisy by Just Peachy is available in sizes 30DD-38G, exclusively from

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8 Responses to Figleaves Just Peachy: actually quite peachy

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the review! I may have to check this line out myself based on your review. As a 30DD-F, it might work out well for me. Perhaps soon they’ll expand the range of sizes soon!

  2. Oooh cheaper bras are exciting! Can you pretty please review more of these so I can get a more accurate impression of their sizing? I’m not about to risk shipping all the way to NZ if I’m not sure on the size!

    Thanks for alerting me to these though!

  3. oedisa says:

    Do you know if the band of this bra is stretchy, stretchy. I want to be sure about the relation of the band size to if I go up a band size and down a cup size or down a band size and up a cup size. Thanks for the brief review and the heads up!

    • The band is firm, so suited me in my more often than not size – no sizing trickery around that needed. My only problem was the cup came up small – and by such a whisper it couldn’t justify an extra cup size (not that they make it even if it did!). Have got some more Just Peachy on its way to try, and see if it’s consistent across the brand or if it was just the one bra. Keep your eyes peeled, and thanks for the hello! x

  4. helen says:

    Recently bought the Just Peachy Trellis bra (in the very pretty aqua and charcoal colourway) after reading this review. It seems to fit much as you describe the Daisy, very firm band, sits right where it should underneath the boobs (and doesn’t move… all day long… even after an hour’s cycling!) and is noticeably snug across the top of the cups… which happens to be a godsend for me since I’m wide set and pretty flat on the top, so often have trouble filling out balconette styles. Pretty perfect in terms of fit for me, though I can see how ladies whose boobs sit a little more front’n’centre than mine would need to size up. But thanks for the recommendation, I will be keeping an eagle eye out for new additions to the Just Peachy range!

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