Freya’s Dionne reviewed

Freya Dionne Black

Freya’s half-lace cups have always been a firm favourite of mine. Loretta, Trudie, Tabitha, Edith – I love how they blend gorgeous prints and colour with a comfortable, everyday style. I also love how their shape isn’t rounded like most G+ bras – sometimes I want something other than ‘sensible t-shirt’ or ‘eyepopping cleavage’, and this style is one I reach for again and again.

Dionne is another classic to add to the canon. In exactly the same cut as Lorretta et al, she’s comfortable, true to size (my 30G was pretty perfect), and not only does she remind me of the flying power-up on Super Mario World for SNES (aka the best computer game everrrrrr), but check out the sizes she now comes in: hello 28 backs AND K cups: we’ve been waiting for you.

As with the other styles, less full-up-top girls like me will need to tighten the straps to avoid puckering – but assuming the underwire is tracking correctly under the bust and the band is doing all the heavy lifting, this is another cracking bra by Freya for Spring. Love!

Freya Dionne is available in sizes 28 D-J, 30-36 D-K, 38 D-J.

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2 Responses to Freya’s Dionne reviewed

  1. That is a wonderful print & I love the unusual color combinations

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