Freya Deco: everyday delight

Freya Deco 356

It’s no secret that the Freya Deco Plunge is one of my favourite bras – so I’m excited to hear about Deco 365,  a year long celebration of the style just launched for 2013. Always on the right side of that fine line between ‘seamless and moulded’ and ‘ugly and cumbersome’, time after time I come back to the Deco Plunge for a truly epic cleavage and a few surprising fashion solves too.

Like, riding a bike. Deco Plunge is no sports bra, but when it comes to cycling long distances (or for a long day of short distances over Amsterdam’s cobbled streets), Deco is by far the most comfortable choice for cycling. By uplifting the cleavage, it prevents painful jolts in the breasts – in exchange for a gentle jiggling in the top of the cup (which I usually cover – no one needs to see two huge panna cottas wobbling by at speed on the back of a tandem on a Saturday morning). Deco is a boob defender.

Or fitting my boobs in to certain dresses. Sounds counterintuitive when you consider how epic the cleavage is, but because the Deco is so ‘front and center’ it can sometimes make all the difference between a fit and a smoosh when wearing fitted clothes. The picture at the bottom is of me in one of my favourite Whistles dresses (FYI K Middy has it too. I say BACK OFF K MIDDY. LEAVE WHISTLES FOR THE REST OF US), and the picture (#awkward) that I uploaded to Freya’s Deco 365 gallery. There’s no give in the lining of that dress, and without the stretch curvy girls depend on only Deco can wrestle G-Unit in to a position that works. You have to admire her can do attitude.

And did I mention the epic cleavage? I think Deco is peerless for D+ push ups. Need to make an impact? She’s got you covered. Need to distract from an ill-timed bloat by upping your waist-to-bust ratio? No problem. Enjoy finding lost pieces of popcorn when you get home from the cinema? Just me then…

So let’s talk fit. I find Deco a little big in the back, so usually size down in the back and up in the cup (something only possible since recently, when they expanded their sizes. The H cup Deco surely can’t be far away?) The straps are quite wide set, and – my favourite feature as a bony girl – the deep plunge of the bra means a narrow, comfortable centre gore that never digs in to my sternum. Deco Plunge, I couldn’t be without you.

Discover the full Deco range and upload your own Deco style at Freya Deco 365.

Awkward photo of Busts 4 Justice. Dress: Whistles

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13 Responses to Freya Deco: everyday delight

  1. Nicola says:

    I cant live without my deco. When I went travelling for 16 months I took 3 decos; 1 black, 1 nude and 1 charcol and a sports bra and that was it. I didnt think I would ever find a strapless bra that didnt squash or flatten my boobs until I tried the strapless version. I recently bought the soft cup – I dont think the band is quite right on it but its great anyway. I cant wait for the flamingo print that is out in may. currently just got the new honey version in both red and purple because they are gorgeous. You do not have to worry about lines or patterns or anything coming through, its always there for you like a good friend.

    • I agree! I love the coloured varieties although I wish they came in my size – I have Ashlee in pink but she really is too big for me in the 30G. I reserve her for days when I reeeeeally want to make an impression!

      • Nicola says:

        I bought taylor off ebay after searching for ages as I just didnt really need it and half price in the end was a good compromise.

  2. Ms Moon says:

    I’m sorry to say that Deco doesn’t work with soft boobs as mine. Otherwise perfect fit, but after a while just too much jiggle in “the front and center”. I’m still quite young and haven’t been pregnant, so I sometimes wonder if there’s actually a significant majority of D+ women who can’t wear any Decos at all :/

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  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Decos. I am hanging out for it to come in the H cup. The GG is just a tad too small for me, but for the cleavage it is worth it.

  5. amberstclare says:

    I adore your blog! Excellent reviews, so helpful. I’ve heard so many awesome things about the Deco, and have ye to try one, so it’s now at the top of my wishlist after reading this review. 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    I love my deco honey in red. I class it as the first bra I bought. I always thought I was a small boob girl as a 34A until I walked into Leia Lingerie in York and had a bra revelation. I seriously recommend getting measured at Leia for anyone in the York area. I was never pressured into buying a bra but walked out with the perfect Deco honey in red, in a 28D. I now want it in every colour. It is my go to bra when I want a little boost (take that how you want).

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