Valentines Shmalentines: I’m just in it for the lingerie

Agent Provocateur Ariel

Agent Provocateur: Ariel

We all pretty much know that Valentine’s Day is hokey, if indeed hokey is a word one can use outside of the 1950’s. It’s totally invented by marketing, it puts a load of pressure on people whether they’re in a relationship or not, and it leads to an avalanche of cheap, red tat that ends up in landfill by March. You only have to look at a seasonal Ann Summers window to sum up that Valentine’s Day is the holiday equivalent of 50 Shades of Grey: devoid of meaning, less fun than it should be, and generally uncomfortable for everyone.

That said, it is essentially a festival of lingerie: and for that there is a small part of my heart that loves Valentine’s, and a totally legitimate excuse to collect together a few romantic (though definitely not not red) treats for the season. They’re not always G+ options to be fair, but when can a girl fantasise if not on V-Day?

Alas, desensitised to truly cracking lingerie after nearly three years of living with a lingerie blogger, Mr B4J will no doubt be indifferent to the lacy plans I have for myself: after a rich diet of frills and french lace I suspect he’d just like a night off with a three pack of white M&S knickers. Forget 50 Shades of Grey: now that’s pervy.

[As an aside, if you’re shopping for a Valentine’s gift for someone else follow this guide to buying lingerie for a partner: simply dial up the sexy as appropriate. My position on itchy fabrics stands firm.]


Fauve Emmanuelle

Fauve: Emmannuelle

Just Flew in Lila UnderwiredFreya: Just Flew In Lila

Btempted by Wacoal: Ciao Bella

b.tempt’d by Wacoal: Ciao Bella

Dirty Pretty Things: Vivian FluoroDirty Pretty Things: Vivian

Miss Mandalay Mink AmelieMiss Mandalay: Amelie Mink

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3 Responses to Valentines Shmalentines: I’m just in it for the lingerie

  1. ffrazell says:

    I own Ciao Bella in black/pink and it is GORGEOUS OMG. By far my sexiest bra set. Something about the cut of that bra is incredibly flattering, and the thong is great too. I want to get the dark purple but unfortunately Wacoal has been out of stock in my size (32DD) for a while now. I have my eye on an Ebay auction though.

  2. ffrazell says:

    Also FYI, the Wacoal website has Ciao Bella for much cheaper than ASOS and in a variety of colors.

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