Freya release Deco in 28GG

Freya Deco 28GG

By popular demand, Freya have filled in that odd little void at the beginning of their sizing table and released the legendary Deco in a 28GG.

I’ve been stupidly lucky to have one of these little beauties in my lingerie cupboard for about six months now, after Freya sent me a sample to try a while back. And it really is the thing I’ve been missing – it fixes the band and cup issues I have with the almost perfect 30G and so gives me the most brilliant moulded push-up bra (and cleavage!) a girl could ask for. I love her!

My only grumble is that (as often with Freya/Eveden] the back could afford to be firmer. It’s firm on me – but I’m an inbetweeny 28/30 back. Smaller girls – already squeezed out of the market by limited band sizes – may find it not as snug as it could be. But that aside, there’s no denying a true classic: this is an outstanding bra going from strength to strength, and spreading its sizing wings as it flies.

Next stop, H+ cups…… right?

Freya Deco 28GG (and other sizes, of course) available now from Bravissimo.

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7 Responses to Freya release Deco in 28GG

  1. Zoe says:

    So happy this is out in a 28GG now! Perfect – but like you mentioned it’s a shame its not firmer in the back. I have to wear mine on the second hook which is annoying. I hope they bring out the Deco strapless in this size too! Any idea if this is in the making?

  2. Lillefix says:

    I’m waiting for the 28H, GG just won’t be enough and 30 band Deco is no use either. I would like a 28HH as well. The Deco offers some things that other bras don’t. For instance it fit’s differently, with the low gore, and the narrow wires and deep cups, and I’ve also heard it said that it’s a great bra if you have full on top boobs. Ewa Michalak bras do offer plunge bras in bigger sizes, but it’s still a different fit, for those who really loved the deco and fitted it splendidly (while they fitted the size range), it’s not as good an option, just a different one, And of course a moulded plunge bra is so usefull to have in ones wardrobe, that’s true for any cup size and band sizes, the difference is it isn’t currently available to all of us, but I hope it will be, that they will keep working on expanding the size range for it, and not stop now.

  3. curvy57 says:

    I fit the deco straps and strapless everyday, I fnd the cups are not suited to all women,
    young women with firm boobs yes but I find I have to take women down one cup size and the strapless does come up very big on the cup I find I might have to take women down 2 cups to fit them but that means if you are an H cup try the strapless out,

  4. Laura says:

    I went to Bravissimo today and asked (just in case they’d got a new bra in I didn’t know about) whether they had anything padded which came in a 28 and ran tight in the back. The sales assistant suggested the Deco. I had to try very hard not to laugh in her face!
    It’s not really fair for me to complain, as I need a 26 back (but then it’s also not fair that they don’t make 26s), but I hate having to pay £30 for a bra and then having to cut it up to shorten the band myself and make it fit. I’m pleased they’ve deigned to cut 2 inches off their 30G themselves, but when you think how long it’s taken them to do something that requires about zero effort given the sizes they were already producing, it’s not very impressive. Really not a brand you feel cares about their customer base.

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