Coral cutie: Freya’s Patsy longline reviewed

Freya Lingerie Patsy Bra Coral

Twitter followers will know I’ve been hankering after Patsy in coral since I saw her in Selfridges’ lingerie paradise last month. She’s longline (love!), polka dot (what’s not to love!), and skin-colour-friend-to-dumpling-white-gingers-everywhere coral (love love love!).

She arrived on my doorstep last week… and – shocker – I do like her a lot. The 30G fitted me perfectly – better perhaps even previous longline Piper, as she’s a little snugger and the longline doesn’t seem to flip up. She gives an uplifted (but not Deco amounts of uplifted) cleavage, and of course the smoothing longline is fantastic for smoothing any errant back bumps under clingy summer dresses. The cups seem true to size – certainly this is the fit I expect and love from a good Freya bra.

That said, as much as I wanted to be she wasn’t perfect. For whatever reason, the straps are positioned slightly wider apart at the back (not at the front, mind…) than on Piper. As you can see below it’s not a huge difference – except as the day wore on I realised this meant the metal hoop was frequently digging to my shoulder blade. A frustrating little niggle on what should be a clean home run for Freya.

Freya Piper vs Freya Patsy

That said it wasn’t too bad: although I really felt it when travelling for five hours by van in to the depths of France; when I’m not strapped in to a seat trying to persuade my fiance to let me play November Rain at the wedding via the persuasive medium of air guitar it’s not really that noticeable…

Personally the frilly pants don’t really do it for me – I’d prefer matching non-thong undercrackers that you can actually wear under fitted clothes – but that doesn’t get in the way of this being a fairly cracking set for the summer.

Freya’s Patsy Longline is available in sizes 28-30 D-G 32-38 C-G.

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4 Responses to Coral cutie: Freya’s Patsy longline reviewed

  1. Sweets says:

    This is seriously just about the cutest thing.

  2. Windie says:

    I was already on the verge of getting this, but as a fellow ginger, I feel like this review was made just to convince me to buy it. Oh, whoops, it’s in my basket…

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