Summer 2011: top swimwear picks (for now…)

It might be April but, with the sun shining and the days getting longer, it’s definitely about time to start narrowing down our favourite swimwear picks for the summer.  We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for a few months now and found an inordinate amount of beautiful suits to choose from, but (for now at least), here are our top five…

First up, we have Miss Mandalay’s Harbour Club stripe bikini. Available from Bravissimo at around £64 for a complete set it’s not cheap, but I (and British Vogue) love the simple, breton elegance; and in sizes 28D-38HH it will cater for a wide spectrum of figures too.

Finding this-season DD+ swimwear on a budget is virtually impossible, but ASOS’s range of DD+ swimwear is pretty and colourful, and at under £30 for a full set it’s very affordable too. This pretty blossom print halter is available in a 30D-34F, and a great option for the limited few who will fit it. More sizes next swim season please, ASOS, but well done for making a start…

We wrote about Figleaves’ Midnight Grace range a while ago, and I still think this floral number is great. Frilly, silly and fun, it’s a great buy from a great range.  It’s about £46 for a set, in sizes from 30D-38G. We’re not the only ones to love it though and sizes are selling out fast, so get in quick before they all go!

Another review revisited is this lovely Lucille, the only bandeau bikini on my wish list. Its structured shape makes it more secure than your average strapless swimwear, and the red stripes are perfect for the beach.  Available in sizes 30D-38G from a number of stockists, for around £46 a set.

And finally…? I can’t do it.  Freya’s swimwear this season has been so brilliant, and I’d be very happy with any of it (even happier with all of it…).  But my top two have to be (l-r) the Flamingo and the Mirage for their vibrant prints and their lovely shapes.  Both are available in a wide range of sizes (up to a GG in Flamingo and HH in Mirage), with different style options for top and bottom.  At £50-£55 a set they are a bit more expensive than some of the other swimwear options available, but from my experience they stand up well to wear and are worth the investment.

We’ll restrain ourselves and stop at 5ish, though really we could go on. And, with new arrivals and with 2wenty8 launching Slinky Dip swimwear for 28-32 DD-H cups in May, who knows how the top 5 will shape up as season progresses? It feels as if our boobs have never been so well catered for. All there is now is to find some sea and dive in…

What would your top picks be?


P.S: for tips about how to help your swimwear last longer, visit our care guide x

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