20,000 leagues under the G: B4J’s European Adventure

When Busts 4 Justice hit the worldwide news, we had lots of messages from women in the US and Europe explaining how much worse they had it, and could Busts 4 Justice hurry up and help them get better fit and sizes at affordable prices once we’d vanquished Marks & Spencer.  It seemed that while things were far from perfect on the UK high street, things could be a lot lot worse.

Two years later, and whilst massively excited to be moving with B4J HQ to one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, my thoughts returned to those cries for help I never acted upon. I panicked: the view and culture and food and people in Amsterdam are all amazing, but where on earth was I going to feed my lingerie and swimwear habit?

We drove in to Amsterdam, my bag stuffed with bras I couldn’t bear to part with, and immediately spotted a Freya poster at a tram stop.  And then another Freya poster, and a massive Triumph one too.  So while things are still undoubtedly bad – like going back 10 years on the British high street – there is hope.  And that’s good news for my boobs, and for the good boobs of Europe too.

So in addition to all the usual UK focussed lingerie and related blogging, B4J’s European adventure will be hunting out and reviewing European DD+ brands, stores, and finding bargains wherever possible. We’ll champion all who get it right, and join with campaigns against things that are wrong. Who knows, once we’re settled we might even start agitating ourselves…

Kusjes uit Amsterdam! x

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